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Got To Find A Home

As of January twentieth, twenty twenty-one, where will ex-President Trump live? Is he welcomed in Florida at his club? The governor of New York and the mayor of New York City told him he is not welcomed there. Where will he live? Will there be a Trump Library like other ex-Presidents? As the old folks say, I guess I am a part of them now, ‘you made your bed so lie in it’. He has ostracized so many governors and mayors that they do not want him.

               The people that control the property at Mar-A-Lago have filed papers to not allow Trump to reside there. In 1998 Trump signed papers making staying at the club more than a week illegal because he wanted a tax write-off by making the residence a club. In the signed papers it is written that a person can not stay longer than a week and no more than three times a year. He has stayed there more than that.

               He told New York that he did not want to stay there because they were after him for his tax paperwork and more. This includes his kids and their families. There are still numerous lawsuits in play and is waiting for him to be out of office. Well, Florida and New York are out. California is out also because he told them they were not doing things right to control the fires. He wanted them to rake and sweep the forests to prevent the fires. California disagreed therefore he withheld funds to help them in their time of need (that was one reason but there is more).

               Maybe his supporters will let him live with one of them. They love him and will do anything he say, up to and including anything that is violent. Maybe by him living with them they will not worry about losing their job because of the pandemic and will be able to keep a roof over their heads. Maybe he can give them a little money to keep on keeping on. Nope, I must be delusional to think he would give someone money. He would want money from them.

               I guess going overseas is out also because he has alienated all our allies. I can not expect any country taking him in and that includes Russia. Why not Russia? He has outlived his usefulness to Putin and the Russian people. And, thinking about allies, Moscow Mitch, oops, Mitch McConnell may want to take Trump and his family in, but Mitch just accepted President-elect Biden. Personally, I would not trust nor believe McConnell for any reason. And, thinking about calling people names other than their own, it is ironic that Republicans are raising hell that a Democratic aide used a bad word toward them. That is something I have heard from the Republicans, especially the President, for over four years and the Republicans are silent about it.

               I know where Trump will get free living quarters…when the civil lawsuits are finalized and the courts have their say he will have his own private cell, members of his family as well as other people in his administration. Trump will make history again. He will be the first President that will be homeless and the first President that is taken from homelessness straight to jail. There are many crimes he has committed, and they are both federal and civil. He can, technically, escape the federal crimes but he can be and will be held accountable for the civil crimes.

               As the old song about the bole weevil stated ‘ got to find a home’. This President, soon to be ex-President, need a home before he is given a home behind bars that is paid for by the people he has scammed daily. It will be interesting to watch what happens as it occurs. It is reported he has said he will not vacate the White House. This way he will have a home sooner than he think. JAIL!


Yesterday I practiced pool at Boxwood, here at Imperial Plaza, and, like I told Ron, I stunk.  I haven’t shot pool (billiards) in thirty five years or more and I stunk then.  Why, you ask?  I had other priorities at the time and shooting pool was nowhere near the top of my list.  To be good a person (man or woman) must have patience, planning, a steady hand, and, like chess, the ability to see moves ahead of time.  All I had was the patience and to follow it up was just plain luck.  I knew guys that could compete with “Minnesota Fats”.  He wouldn’t even look in my direction.

Today was the outing for ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out).  We went to Ruby Tuesday and it was great.  There were two new men that have recently moved into Imperial Plaza.  Everyone was joking with everyone and conversations abounded.  Terry, as usual, drove and, of course, there was Ron with about a dozen of us guys.

The food was good but the prices were even better.  The only thing I didn’t like was the desert menu.  I wanted something I could bring home and share with my wife but the portions they had was too small.  Therefore, I gave up on it and decided to get Krispy Kreme Donuts tomorrow.  I usually get a desert the majority of times my wife and I go out to eat but this time I had to pass.

I see a lot of residents that need a little help.  Not serious help but just a little.  I am more able than most and much younger also so I try to do my part.  One day I may be in that position and I would like someone to help me if I needed it.  There was this lady that live down the hall from me and she needed help.  She drove herself to the market and was having problems unloading her car when she came back.  One of the maintenance men saw her, loaded her items in a basket and bought it up to her apartment.  She was too tired to move her car from the garage and when I left my apartment I saw her.  I went down the elevator to the garage, moved her car to a parking space and went back to her apartment to return the keys to her.

We all need help or, one day, will need help and it is upon all of us to render any and all assistance to whoever needs it.  I have seen residents ignore others, like opening a door and other small things but it all mean a lot to someone in need.  I cannot stress this enough.  Do what you can, when you can.  It’ll only take very little time and Blessings will come your way.