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I am having problems syncing my blog with my other sites, such as Facebook. If I don’t fix the problem soon I will go back to my old computer until I get it in order. Then, not only will the people that only come to my blog page see what I have written, the people that follow my other sites will see the blog also.

Imperial Plaza Activities is really getting a lot more on it’s calendar and I am finding it hard to participate in most of it and I find I am spending more money than I intended. The activities doesn’t cost much but it adds up quickly and then you find you are getting close to being broke, if not broke. However, it does not cost as much as when you go it alone or with another outside agency.

I was thinking, the other day (that can be a dangerous situation) and estimated the number of mobile people that live within the four units and I then began to realize that only a very small percentage of the residents participate in anything that happens here. This includes the Townhall Meetings in which only about half of the auditorium (on a good day) is occupied.

It is finally fall, the air is cooler and the leaves are beginning to change. I will have to get more bicycle riding done and do other exercises. My wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller and I mean size, not volume. On my job, I wear dress pants and I don’t like the squeezed feeling I have for eight hours. Since I can’t just leave my pants open, like I do at home, I will have to buy larger pants. I’m getting that old age spread. Back to the gym and cycling.

Have you noticed the new shows on the fall lineup on television? I like to watch pro-football and they have some good shows at the same time the games are on and that include Thursday night. Now I have to watch a lot of shows, on my tablet or laptop, a few days later. I don’t like to do it because of the constant buffering but I guess I will have to put up with it if I want to see the show.

I guess I am now officially part of the government’s Health System because I received a letter saying they will give my specialty care to a civilian facility because they are overbooked. I phoned them and said I had one they can assign me to and to tell my doctor to call me (I even faxed them my records from the place in order to give them a head start). That was a week ago and I haven’t heard from anyone about anything. Oh well, I guess it’s like when you file a claim, hurry up and wait. How long does it take to make a quick phone call and to say yes or no to my suggestion.

See you next time………………;)

I’m Back And Here To Stay

It has been a long time since I last wrote in this blog and I know I am well overdue. A lot have happened, since I last wrote and I will attempt to highlight a few things before I continue the normal weekly activities. It is not difficult to get off track and not get back to writing but I must in order to dig deep into the book I am writing.

I have hooked up with a buddy that I have not seen in thirty years (in fact we were together in the military in Germany and in North Dakota) and he and his wife have been getting together with me and my wife, over a meal or two, several times since we reunited. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia which isn’t that far away. And, to my surprise, he is now a minister (I would have never thought he would become one from the way we used to drink and party).

My wife and I also went to Tennessee for a week long family reunion that was great. We were in Dolly Parton territory and, of course, I had to go by the corn whiskey distillery for the booze. To tell the truth, that booze is not as strong as that which is gotten from the back woods. The family have gotten much larger and family members came from every state up and down the east coast.

Imperial Plaza have been keeping my wife and I busy, not only with the trips but also with the other activities. Coming here has been one of the best moves I have ever made. My wife run the twice weekly WII bowling, the Saturday Pokeno games and work part-time. I am part of the Bellevue Community Neighborhood Patrol and I have a part-time job as well. Now that it is pro-football season..(enough said).

When I add in going to the McGuire Veterans Hospital, fighting with them for my due benefits (it seems to be a hopeless case), most of my time is shot. There is an old saying….”If you can’t say anything good about someone, don’t say anything at all”. I won’t say anything more, I’ll leave it alone except to say that the law suits and investigations into the Federal Health Care System is long, long overdue.

My time (space) is up and I’ll try to stay on track. Until next time…