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Outings Galore

Again I have had a full week and, right now, I am pleasantly tired.  This week I’ll write about two things, ROMEO and The Traveling Vietnam Wall.  First ROMEO.  At Imperial Plaza ROMEO stands for Retired Old Men Eating Out and we had two meals this month (May).  When we were originally scheduled to go to the steakhouse there was a vicious rain and hail storm.  All of us were on the bus, except for Ron, raring to go.  All of us men were on the bus having fun laughing and joking with the storm raging all around when Ron came on the bus to say the trip was cancelled because of the storm.  We didn’t want to cancel because we knew it would soon blow over.

We went to the White Squirrel and had dinner there.  We didn’t care about the storm or anything else because it was our evening out and we would not be daunted.   Ron came in and we jokingly told him the tab was on him because he cancelled, we didn’t.  He laughed it off and said he would reschedule the outing.  He called me three days later and said we were rescheduled for the following Thursday.  We went to the steakhouse and partied hard because we are ROMEO.

The Vietnam Traveling Wall may not be as good as seeing the real thing but it was something a Vietnam vet should not miss.  While there, the vets had the opportunity to computer research the name of a fallen service member and locate the name on the wall (where it would be in DC at the real wall).  The display also included some small items used in Vietnam along with a few pictures.  Some of the pictures bought back memories that were being suppressed but I made out ok.

I was a little sad but after talking to a couple of vets (we all can start a conversation with another vet at the drop of a hat) we lost that feeling (they admitted they felt bad also) and we had a pleasant but short conversation.  All of us Vietnam Vets are brothers, no matter where we may meet, and all other vets are second.  A hard thing to say but vets understand this because we all went through the same thing.

That was a short week but a full week.  Take care!!

Happy Retirement

Thinking about being retired, how long it has taken to be considered retired and exactly what I am to do now.  Such a long wait, such great fun while waiting to retire and now the real fun is to begin.  I have fun having fun and I have fun working.  Which should I do and, most importantly, how much of this so called working fun should I take.  It is important to throw into the equation fun divided by work to equal more than ever fun.  I found the solution and it is as nostalgic as it is fun.  To balance with the things I am already doing I have started a part-time job.  It is working a mid-shift every other weekend.  I have worked too many midnight shifts to even attempt to count.  Being in the military, a cop and private security, working weekends, holidays and midnight shifts was a given.  After a while you forget what day it is, whether it is a weekend or a holiday.  They all seem the same and you don’t care anymore.

However, I will still go on trips.  I will still ride my bicycle all over the city.  I will still salt water fish.  I will still read.  I will still write.  I will still have so much to do and will enjoy every minute of it.  A person never knows when the end is near and a person should enjoy every minute that is left.  Tomorrow is not promised.  All I can say to all of my comrades enjoy life while you can because I am trying to enjoy mine while I have the energy and mobility to do it.

I was contacted by men I supervised in German thirty years ago and what a surprise to get that e-mail.  There is, so far, one that lives close by (if you want to call Charlottesville close by) and we talked on the phone for almost an hour.  We will have to meet and have lunch or something.  As for the other guys, well I will attempt to meet with some of them also although they are in other states.  I hope to get e-mail addresses from some of the other guys.  I really don’t hold out much hope but it would be nice if it happens.

I wish a Very HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY and be CAREFUL with whatever you do!!!!

New Developments

Things have really changed since my last writing.  For those that do not know my background I will say this… was colorful and varied and I really enjoyed all of it.  I am retired from the air force and have had many careers since then with another retirement included.

I decided to apply for a part-time job, that was seen in the papers, to have a little extra spending change and to take up the rest of my free time (I know I am crazy).  I have been training all week and will be on my own next weekend.  The job will have me working midnight shifts Friday and Saturday nights, every other weekend.  That’s not bad and it will give me a little change in my pocket and it won’t take up all my time or all my weekends.

The second thing that happened is the message I received from one of my EX-air force comrades.  I had no idea anyone was looking for me and I did not know there will be a reunion of the guys I worked with in Germany.  These were great guys although they were not K-9 (smile).  I worked with these guys as their security supervisor and, if I may say so, we had a great time.  There was always something happening (I should write a book about the things that happened).  There were a few guys that came to North Dakota where I became the First Sergeant.  Again we had some good times together although not as much.  I was invited to the reunion but I cannot go to Chicago because of other commitments during that time frame.

Needless to say, I haven’t had time to ride my bike but I will tomorrow.  The weather will be good and I shouldn’t have anything to do.  RICHMOND AND HENRICO LOOK OUT BECAUSE HERE I COME!!  The temperature should be low (around 75’) and it will have a light wind from the north.  That will be great for riding and Richmond is becoming safer for us on bicycle.  I am glad to be here, in a city and county that is bike friendly and will be more so as time go by.

Not forgetting Imperial Plaza, tomorrow is WII day in the White Squirrel and Wednesday is a trip to the Eastern Shore.  TAKE CARE!!!!  Don’t forget to click “like” and/or “follow”.  BYE-BYE!!!

Warm Weather

I know I am late getting this out but, yesterday, I was at a Mother’s Day/Graduation Celebration at my daughter’s house in Chesterfield.  Her daughter just graduated Richard Bland College (a branch of William and Mary University).  Everyone was there and it was great.  To all the mothers that read this HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and many more to come.  I hope that you are taking it easy today or, if you are reading this after Sunday, you took it easy and had a great day.  You all deserve it more than I can say.

I haven’t had much time to ride my bicycle because of commitments and the weather.  I know there are riders that ride in any weather, at any time, but I do not.  Mine is strictly a fair weather thing and for exercise.  It is better than a stationary bike and requires many more muscles.  On a two wheeler, a person must maintain balance, go up and down hill, dodge vehicles and obstacles and use almost every muscle in the body.  That is exercise over being on a gym bike.

The people playing the WII on Thursday and Sunday afternoons (ran by my wife, Alba) seem to be having a good time.  I have sat in the White Squirrel drinking draft beers and cheering them on.  A couple of people, which have been there from the beginning, have been absent the past couple of times but the majority is still there and wants to expand.  They are looking great and, believe it or not, it is mild exercise.

Imperial Plaza, as scheduled, went to Maryland Live casino and, as usual, it was great.  I enjoy these trips because I don’t have to drive and it is so relaxing.  This way I can eat, drink alcohol and play without the thought of driving.  The bus still had empty seats although it is usually full.  Maybe people are finding other things to do during the warm weather months.  I understand because I also have so much on my plate that I can’t attend everything I used to attend.  I will try to do better but, as I said a few times before, I will get my bicycling in when the weather allows.

I am asking you to pass this blog on to others as well as my Facebook page and my writings with Yahoo Voices.  Bye-bye!

The Bicycle Races Are Here

Now that the bad weather bought about the real spring it is now the actual time for bicycling in earnest.  I have been out and about parts of these fine locations (we are a few yards from Henrico) and I have traveled both by two wheels and have had lots of fun doing it although my rear end disagree.  The small seat, which comes with the purchase of the bicycle, really does a number on your rear end.  I understand why a lot of bicyclists rise up to ride.

I ordered and received a larger and softer seat for my Schwinn and it feels wonderful.  I don’t know why it doesn’t already come equipped this way.  I guess the company wants a person to spend more money for additional equipment.   I don’t mind as long as it’s something that is necessary.

I guess you have heard about the National Bicycle Championship being held here in Richmond this weekend.  I rode my regular route yesterday, which was Friday, and then headed downtown to check out the time trials.  It was a nice setup and I think the International Bicycle Races, next year, will be pleased with the route.  This year’s contest is on a portion of the track for next year.

There were not a lot of people watching and I am guessing it was because it was a workday Friday.  Today and tomorrow should be much different and have crowds everywhere.  Richmond has something for everyone and that is something most cities can’t say.  In fact there are three or four major events happening at the same time.  Each week there is something different in the area and at Imperial Plaza.

Next Wednesday Imperial Plaza will again go to Maryland Live casino and, of course, my wife and I hope to be there.  It should be a lot of fun and the weather should cooperate.  I expect to lose, as usual, but it is fun eating, trying to hit a jackpot as well as just getting away for a few hours.  That’s what it is all about.

I’ve had a couple people say they don’t know when a new blog is out.  Just look to the right and “follow” or “subscribe” and every time a new blog is posted, you will automatically know.  You may comment or contact me, which ever or both.  Oh, by the way…..FISHING TIME!