The Bicycle Races Are Here

Now that the bad weather bought about the real spring it is now the actual time for bicycling in earnest.  I have been out and about parts of these fine locations (we are a few yards from Henrico) and I have traveled both by two wheels and have had lots of fun doing it although my rear end disagree.  The small seat, which comes with the purchase of the bicycle, really does a number on your rear end.  I understand why a lot of bicyclists rise up to ride.

I ordered and received a larger and softer seat for my Schwinn and it feels wonderful.  I don’t know why it doesn’t already come equipped this way.  I guess the company wants a person to spend more money for additional equipment.   I don’t mind as long as it’s something that is necessary.

I guess you have heard about the National Bicycle Championship being held here in Richmond this weekend.  I rode my regular route yesterday, which was Friday, and then headed downtown to check out the time trials.  It was a nice setup and I think the International Bicycle Races, next year, will be pleased with the route.  This year’s contest is on a portion of the track for next year.

There were not a lot of people watching and I am guessing it was because it was a workday Friday.  Today and tomorrow should be much different and have crowds everywhere.  Richmond has something for everyone and that is something most cities can’t say.  In fact there are three or four major events happening at the same time.  Each week there is something different in the area and at Imperial Plaza.

Next Wednesday Imperial Plaza will again go to Maryland Live casino and, of course, my wife and I hope to be there.  It should be a lot of fun and the weather should cooperate.  I expect to lose, as usual, but it is fun eating, trying to hit a jackpot as well as just getting away for a few hours.  That’s what it is all about.

I’ve had a couple people say they don’t know when a new blog is out.  Just look to the right and “follow” or “subscribe” and every time a new blog is posted, you will automatically know.  You may comment or contact me, which ever or both.  Oh, by the way…..FISHING TIME!

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