Here’s The News From Imperial Plaza

From the Imperial Plaza “Plaza Professional Pharmacy Newsletter” April is alcohol awareness month.  I did not know this.  After reading the newsletter I only found a couple things I did not know but, for the most part, it was pretty informative.  It is very true that elderly people should not drink or, at least, drink very, very little.  I drink very little because I need my faculties for driving, bicycling or writing.  I’m not trying to be a Puritan but, over the years, I’ve had MORE than my share of alcohol.  I still, every now and then, put one on but the hangovers are stronger now.

The play last Saturday night was really good.  Before I went, I was pretty apprehensive but, while watching, I was lost in the performance.  The actors were better than I thought they would be and I was surprised at the few stage props that were used.  I would go to see them again if all of the performances are like this one.  It was only an hour and cost only three dollars.  I heard a few people complaining about having to pay but, personally, I don’t think it was much at all.

Next month is casino month.  We are going to Maryland Live again and this is one of my favorite casinos.  I have been to many casinos but this one has everything a person would want.  Unlike a lot of casinos, this one have the mall next door and, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to shop all the stores and have time for the casino also.  That means half casino time and half mall time along with keeping a close watch on the clock so you won’t miss the bus.

Lastly, today was a great day to be riding bicycles in Bryan Park.  It was such a beautiful day but, having things to do, I only put in a little over four miles and I stopped four or five times to take some very beautiful pictures of the flowers (mostly all different colored Azaleas)and a few blooming trees.  The storm, yesterday, bought down a few trees.  They did not fall close to the road therefore they did not damage anything.  There also was evidence of the roads being flooded all over the park but no damage was seen.

Take care and I’ll see you again.

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