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Here’s The News From Imperial Plaza

From the Imperial Plaza “Plaza Professional Pharmacy Newsletter” April is alcohol awareness month.  I did not know this.  After reading the newsletter I only found a couple things I did not know but, for the most part, it was pretty informative.  It is very true that elderly people should not drink or, at least, drink very, very little.  I drink very little because I need my faculties for driving, bicycling or writing.  I’m not trying to be a Puritan but, over the years, I’ve had MORE than my share of alcohol.  I still, every now and then, put one on but the hangovers are stronger now.

The play last Saturday night was really good.  Before I went, I was pretty apprehensive but, while watching, I was lost in the performance.  The actors were better than I thought they would be and I was surprised at the few stage props that were used.  I would go to see them again if all of the performances are like this one.  It was only an hour and cost only three dollars.  I heard a few people complaining about having to pay but, personally, I don’t think it was much at all.

Next month is casino month.  We are going to Maryland Live again and this is one of my favorite casinos.  I have been to many casinos but this one has everything a person would want.  Unlike a lot of casinos, this one have the mall next door and, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to shop all the stores and have time for the casino also.  That means half casino time and half mall time along with keeping a close watch on the clock so you won’t miss the bus.

Lastly, today was a great day to be riding bicycles in Bryan Park.  It was such a beautiful day but, having things to do, I only put in a little over four miles and I stopped four or five times to take some very beautiful pictures of the flowers (mostly all different colored Azaleas)and a few blooming trees.  The storm, yesterday, bought down a few trees.  They did not fall close to the road therefore they did not damage anything.  There also was evidence of the roads being flooded all over the park but no damage was seen.

Take care and I’ll see you again.

Very Fine Outings

It was a very fine, although busy, week and my wife and I had plenty of fun.  I thank the Activities Department, here at Imperial Plaza, for having so much to do and making sure it is all very interesting.  No one could ask for any more from their hard work and the care of all the concerns of everyone.

I will start with the trip to The Riverside Theater in Fredricksburg, on a beautiful Wednesday morning, for a wonderful lunch and a nice play.  Like the normal dinner theater the waiters and waitresses were the actors/actresses for us.  The musical was great although it did not hold mine or my wife’s interest.  To tell the truth, with a full belly, I almost fell asleep.

Thursday evening, my wife went out with The Red Hats to the dinner/theater at The Swift Creek Mill House Theater.  She told me it was like Thursday’s theater but the music was better because it was all from the sixties.  The women (I know a lot of them because I go out on the majority of excursions) wanted to know why I didn’t accompany them to the theater.  My wife told them I didn’t want to come to a women’s outing.

I haven’t gotten onto my bicycle but twice this week because, like I’ve said before, I’m a fair weather rider.  It was kind of cool and, although bundled up like a mummy, I still had a wind chill factor on my face.  I will try to do better and I know the weather will have to get warmer.  Some days I just want to sit and write an article or two for Yahoo Voices (pocket money).  There is work to be done around the apartment also.

By the way, the Harp Trio was great last Monday evening.  I really enjoyed the music and I won the door prize, their latest CD.  I listened to the CD and put it on my computer for some good music while I do my thing.  From what Ron say, there are some great things coming to the auditorium.  Stick around for more and greater things.

I have written more and more for Yahoo Voices and I am now up to seventeen articles and counting.  Look me up and pass me on (this article and that one).  Take care and I hope you had a Happy Easter.

The Great Outdoors

Those that missed the trip to Washington and the cruise on the Potomac missed a grand day.  The weather co-operated and there was no shortage of fun, good music and great food.  Ron and Tracy took a lot of pictures of people and I took many sightseeing pictures especially close-ups of the take offs and landings of the planes.  I even have some good shots of the helicopter before it landed.  From what I understand, there will be other great trips.  Don’t miss the next one.

I am still vigorously riding my bicycle and now I am all over Lakeside, Dumbarton, Stapes Mill and Broad Street.  It feels better than just riding in Bryan Park.  I am almost ready to go further than I am now but I must first get the gel seat Ron was telling me about.  My rear end is killing me.  I don’t have much back there and the bike is trying to take what’s there.  I’m sore as hell.  My legs are doing fine and, in fact, I surprised myself by getting back to Imperial Plaza quicker than intended and I wasn’t even winded.

The drivers out there are crazy dangerous and here I am on a bicycle in their way.  I had a crazy lady turn into a car lot, right in front of me, and then tried to park in the row of cars along the sidewalk.  Instead of stopping at the edge of the side walk, she went out a little further and almost hit me.  Riding a bicycle is not crazy, it’s the drivers out there that are crazy.  As I said in an article I had in Yahoo Voices, the drivers only care about themselves and, if you get in their way, you will be hurt.

There was a big accident, here at Imperial Plaza.  A woman was driving to the rear of Dogwood apartments and as she came around the corner of the building, instead of turning, she kept straight.  She hit a car so hard that she knocked it into another car and pushed both vehicles two parking slots away.  She was not injured but the vehicles were badly damaged, at least one was totaled.

Don’t forget the last blog, see me on Yahoo or contact me and I’ll tell you how.  Have fun, spring is here outdoor activities are starting and I see people in the garden plots.  Take care!!!!

Finally It Is Spring

I’m two days overdue but there is an excuse.  Its spring and I’ve been out enjoying it as well as doing other things.  Yes, that means I’ve been riding my new bicycle and I’m doing ten miles a day, to start.  Ron and Tracy, from the Activities Department at Imperial Plaza, want the three of us to travel by bicycle down the trail from Richmond to Williamsburg and back.  I’m game and I’m getting into bicycling shape as quickly as I can.  As time go by I will increase the mileage.  That is why I bought a computer for my mountain bike.

Another reason I am late getting this out is my writing.  As some of you know I write for Yahoo, pacifically Voices for the Yahoo Contributor Network.  I put in three, four or more articles a week and will do more as time permit.  For anyone that wants to see my articles, without looking at all articles under Yahoo, this is how to do it.  Go to Yahoo home page (  On the left side of the homepage, under the Yahoo banner is a column of features.  At the bottom of those features is…more Yahoo sites.  Click and hold it there and a menu window will pop up.  Click all products and a directory will pop up.  Click Voices and on Voices homepage put my name in the search box at the top of the page (Robert Threatt).  I hope you enjoy the articles.  I have been constantly writing for a while and many articles already have been removed.

I was at the White Squirrel watching the people play the WII, in particular, bowling.  They all seem to be having a lot of fun, especially my wife (Alba) and she is the top scorer (I guess that’s why she is having so much fun (smile)).  I also took a long walk today.  I don’t know how far it was but I walked from Imperial Plaza to the Valero on Lakeside and back up to the Bryan Park Ave. entrance to Bryan Park.  I stopped to watch two teenage boys fishing, then a man (he said he was sixty) at the tennis courts learning to ride his unicycle and, lastly, all the soccer games being played.  I wasn’t winded and it was fun.  Come join me next time.  Contact me and I’ll tell you when.  Take Care!!