Finally It Is Spring

I’m two days overdue but there is an excuse.  Its spring and I’ve been out enjoying it as well as doing other things.  Yes, that means I’ve been riding my new bicycle and I’m doing ten miles a day, to start.  Ron and Tracy, from the Activities Department at Imperial Plaza, want the three of us to travel by bicycle down the trail from Richmond to Williamsburg and back.  I’m game and I’m getting into bicycling shape as quickly as I can.  As time go by I will increase the mileage.  That is why I bought a computer for my mountain bike.

Another reason I am late getting this out is my writing.  As some of you know I write for Yahoo, pacifically Voices for the Yahoo Contributor Network.  I put in three, four or more articles a week and will do more as time permit.  For anyone that wants to see my articles, without looking at all articles under Yahoo, this is how to do it.  Go to Yahoo home page (  On the left side of the homepage, under the Yahoo banner is a column of features.  At the bottom of those features is…more Yahoo sites.  Click and hold it there and a menu window will pop up.  Click all products and a directory will pop up.  Click Voices and on Voices homepage put my name in the search box at the top of the page (Robert Threatt).  I hope you enjoy the articles.  I have been constantly writing for a while and many articles already have been removed.

I was at the White Squirrel watching the people play the WII, in particular, bowling.  They all seem to be having a lot of fun, especially my wife (Alba) and she is the top scorer (I guess that’s why she is having so much fun (smile)).  I also took a long walk today.  I don’t know how far it was but I walked from Imperial Plaza to the Valero on Lakeside and back up to the Bryan Park Ave. entrance to Bryan Park.  I stopped to watch two teenage boys fishing, then a man (he said he was sixty) at the tennis courts learning to ride his unicycle and, lastly, all the soccer games being played.  I wasn’t winded and it was fun.  Come join me next time.  Contact me and I’ll tell you when.  Take Care!!

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