The Great Outdoors

Those that missed the trip to Washington and the cruise on the Potomac missed a grand day.  The weather co-operated and there was no shortage of fun, good music and great food.  Ron and Tracy took a lot of pictures of people and I took many sightseeing pictures especially close-ups of the take offs and landings of the planes.  I even have some good shots of the helicopter before it landed.  From what I understand, there will be other great trips.  Don’t miss the next one.

I am still vigorously riding my bicycle and now I am all over Lakeside, Dumbarton, Stapes Mill and Broad Street.  It feels better than just riding in Bryan Park.  I am almost ready to go further than I am now but I must first get the gel seat Ron was telling me about.  My rear end is killing me.  I don’t have much back there and the bike is trying to take what’s there.  I’m sore as hell.  My legs are doing fine and, in fact, I surprised myself by getting back to Imperial Plaza quicker than intended and I wasn’t even winded.

The drivers out there are crazy dangerous and here I am on a bicycle in their way.  I had a crazy lady turn into a car lot, right in front of me, and then tried to park in the row of cars along the sidewalk.  Instead of stopping at the edge of the side walk, she went out a little further and almost hit me.  Riding a bicycle is not crazy, it’s the drivers out there that are crazy.  As I said in an article I had in Yahoo Voices, the drivers only care about themselves and, if you get in their way, you will be hurt.

There was a big accident, here at Imperial Plaza.  A woman was driving to the rear of Dogwood apartments and as she came around the corner of the building, instead of turning, she kept straight.  She hit a car so hard that she knocked it into another car and pushed both vehicles two parking slots away.  She was not injured but the vehicles were badly damaged, at least one was totaled.

Don’t forget the last blog, see me on Yahoo or contact me and I’ll tell you how.  Have fun, spring is here outdoor activities are starting and I see people in the garden plots.  Take care!!!!

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