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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

I know I am late but things, from time to time, come up that can not be controlled. However, I am committed to continue my blog. There was a night time bicycle ride that had a few streets blocked off that infuriated many drivers. I was at my part-time job, filling in for a person on vacation, and saw the part of the ride that came down Monument Ave. I watched many vehicles making u-turns because streets were blocked off but the bicyclists were elated and having fun. I could not see much but what I could see made me wish I could have been out there. Alas, maybe next year.

We are still having great fun at the White Squirrel with more and more people jumping up to dance. The music is great, the food is good and Steve and Christy will play music in September. So, for the month of September the fun will continue. The room may be small but that is one of the reasons that make it great. I want more to join in. Not to just listen but to eat and dance.

Coming up is another fishing trip out of Virginia Beach, Va. and the casino trip to West Va. For those that do not know, the trip to West Virginia is an overnight trip simply because the horses run at night. This way everyone can take their time gambling and play or watch the horses that night. The last time we went fishing out of Virginia Beach, a lot of fish was caught and a couple of sharks (I kept one to cook the next day). It can not be said that Imperial Plaza does not take wonderful trips and many more are to come. Join in because a second bus can be added to accommodate the overflow of the one bus.

I see Imperial Plaza have many new residents and that is a good thing. There were too many empty apartments but they are filling quickly. I have seen new men and have asked a couple to join us men for ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out). There are many great eating joints, that we go to, that have very good food and we all have fun talking and joking with one another. If anyone know someone that want to go, tell him to sign-up and meet me at the bus. There is one thing that is good. I can drink and leave the driving to the bus driver. The women have started LIFE (Ladies In Full Effect) and they are to go to O’Charlies at the end of the week.

Well, I will close and I am sorry for being late but, as I have said, things come up that will either prevent or make an article late. Hang in there and I will get this out sooner or later (smile). During your retirement, just have fun and don’t just sit around and fade away. Life is short, take advantage of what’s left. I know I will.

The Great Outdoors

Those that missed the trip to Washington and the cruise on the Potomac missed a grand day.  The weather co-operated and there was no shortage of fun, good music and great food.  Ron and Tracy took a lot of pictures of people and I took many sightseeing pictures especially close-ups of the take offs and landings of the planes.  I even have some good shots of the helicopter before it landed.  From what I understand, there will be other great trips.  Don’t miss the next one.

I am still vigorously riding my bicycle and now I am all over Lakeside, Dumbarton, Stapes Mill and Broad Street.  It feels better than just riding in Bryan Park.  I am almost ready to go further than I am now but I must first get the gel seat Ron was telling me about.  My rear end is killing me.  I don’t have much back there and the bike is trying to take what’s there.  I’m sore as hell.  My legs are doing fine and, in fact, I surprised myself by getting back to Imperial Plaza quicker than intended and I wasn’t even winded.

The drivers out there are crazy dangerous and here I am on a bicycle in their way.  I had a crazy lady turn into a car lot, right in front of me, and then tried to park in the row of cars along the sidewalk.  Instead of stopping at the edge of the side walk, she went out a little further and almost hit me.  Riding a bicycle is not crazy, it’s the drivers out there that are crazy.  As I said in an article I had in Yahoo Voices, the drivers only care about themselves and, if you get in their way, you will be hurt.

There was a big accident, here at Imperial Plaza.  A woman was driving to the rear of Dogwood apartments and as she came around the corner of the building, instead of turning, she kept straight.  She hit a car so hard that she knocked it into another car and pushed both vehicles two parking slots away.  She was not injured but the vehicles were badly damaged, at least one was totaled.

Don’t forget the last blog, see me on Yahoo or contact me and I’ll tell you how.  Have fun, spring is here outdoor activities are starting and I see people in the garden plots.  Take care!!!!