Very Fine Outings

It was a very fine, although busy, week and my wife and I had plenty of fun.  I thank the Activities Department, here at Imperial Plaza, for having so much to do and making sure it is all very interesting.  No one could ask for any more from their hard work and the care of all the concerns of everyone.

I will start with the trip to The Riverside Theater in Fredricksburg, on a beautiful Wednesday morning, for a wonderful lunch and a nice play.  Like the normal dinner theater the waiters and waitresses were the actors/actresses for us.  The musical was great although it did not hold mine or my wife’s interest.  To tell the truth, with a full belly, I almost fell asleep.

Thursday evening, my wife went out with The Red Hats to the dinner/theater at The Swift Creek Mill House Theater.  She told me it was like Thursday’s theater but the music was better because it was all from the sixties.  The women (I know a lot of them because I go out on the majority of excursions) wanted to know why I didn’t accompany them to the theater.  My wife told them I didn’t want to come to a women’s outing.

I haven’t gotten onto my bicycle but twice this week because, like I’ve said before, I’m a fair weather rider.  It was kind of cool and, although bundled up like a mummy, I still had a wind chill factor on my face.  I will try to do better and I know the weather will have to get warmer.  Some days I just want to sit and write an article or two for Yahoo Voices (pocket money).  There is work to be done around the apartment also.

By the way, the Harp Trio was great last Monday evening.  I really enjoyed the music and I won the door prize, their latest CD.  I listened to the CD and put it on my computer for some good music while I do my thing.  From what Ron say, there are some great things coming to the auditorium.  Stick around for more and greater things.

I have written more and more for Yahoo Voices and I am now up to seventeen articles and counting.  Look me up and pass me on (this article and that one).  Take care and I hope you had a Happy Easter.

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