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Happy Retirement

Thinking about being retired, how long it has taken to be considered retired and exactly what I am to do now.  Such a long wait, such great fun while waiting to retire and now the real fun is to begin.  I have fun having fun and I have fun working.  Which should I do and, most importantly, how much of this so called working fun should I take.  It is important to throw into the equation fun divided by work to equal more than ever fun.  I found the solution and it is as nostalgic as it is fun.  To balance with the things I am already doing I have started a part-time job.  It is working a mid-shift every other weekend.  I have worked too many midnight shifts to even attempt to count.  Being in the military, a cop and private security, working weekends, holidays and midnight shifts was a given.  After a while you forget what day it is, whether it is a weekend or a holiday.  They all seem the same and you don’t care anymore.

However, I will still go on trips.  I will still ride my bicycle all over the city.  I will still salt water fish.  I will still read.  I will still write.  I will still have so much to do and will enjoy every minute of it.  A person never knows when the end is near and a person should enjoy every minute that is left.  Tomorrow is not promised.  All I can say to all of my comrades enjoy life while you can because I am trying to enjoy mine while I have the energy and mobility to do it.

I was contacted by men I supervised in German thirty years ago and what a surprise to get that e-mail.  There is, so far, one that lives close by (if you want to call Charlottesville close by) and we talked on the phone for almost an hour.  We will have to meet and have lunch or something.  As for the other guys, well I will attempt to meet with some of them also although they are in other states.  I hope to get e-mail addresses from some of the other guys.  I really don’t hold out much hope but it would be nice if it happens.

I wish a Very HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY and be CAREFUL with whatever you do!!!!

Thanks Terry!!

It’s been a while again since I’ve last written something on this blog.  I have a couple of things to write on and I am hoping I have enough room to do it.  Having enough room on this free blog, with the amount of stuff in my head that want to get out, is a challenge in itself but I try.  As it is said…”nothing is free”, at least very little is free.  Here at Imperial Plaza, there is so much that is free that I use a calendar to keep track and it stays full with a lot of things that I cannot attend or it’s featured at the same time something else is featured.

I have met so many people here at Imperial Plaza that have said either they can’t (although the Imperial Plaza Staff bend over backwards to ensure people having movement problems can attend everything) or they don’t have the funds (although there is so much free stuff I miss over half because of time or it is the same time as another free event).  A guy made me a little angry the other day by saying no one told him.  I just asked him if he could read.  There are fliers and posters and word of mouth.  Fliers are even bought to the apartment and all a resident have to do is go to the door and retrieve the flier and read it.

Thursday we went on a road trip for lunch at the Virginia Diner via the Jamestown Ferry.  The trip was wonderful, the food was great and the company was very good.  We all expected a bad weather day but even the weather was good.  A little windy and only occasional sun but all in all it was still a great trip.  I’ve always said, if things are going too good, watch out.

We were on the way back to Imperial Plaza on I95 North.  Terry was driving along smoothly, just passing over route 10 in Chester, approaching route 288 when a rear tire on the right side blew with a load “BANG”.  Ted and I were sitting over the tire and it scared the XXXX out of us.  Terry was cool and didn’t panic. With the bus rumbling on, he slowly and safely guided us to the side of the interstate.  Ron and Terry got off the bus in order to inspect the damage.

Ron got back on the bus, informed us about the damage, which a bus was coming for us and not to worry.  It took a little over an hour for the other bus to reach us.  The way I was counting it was inside ninety minutes, from flat to heading back.  My hat is off to Terry for handling the bus so well and staying with it while we drove off.  Then he drove us R.O.M.E.O.s (Retired Old Men Eating Out) on our once a month eating out the next evening.  Again……THANKS TERRY!!!!