Yesterday I practiced pool at Boxwood, here at Imperial Plaza, and, like I told Ron, I stunk.  I haven’t shot pool (billiards) in thirty five years or more and I stunk then.  Why, you ask?  I had other priorities at the time and shooting pool was nowhere near the top of my list.  To be good a person (man or woman) must have patience, planning, a steady hand, and, like chess, the ability to see moves ahead of time.  All I had was the patience and to follow it up was just plain luck.  I knew guys that could compete with “Minnesota Fats”.  He wouldn’t even look in my direction.

Today was the outing for ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out).  We went to Ruby Tuesday and it was great.  There were two new men that have recently moved into Imperial Plaza.  Everyone was joking with everyone and conversations abounded.  Terry, as usual, drove and, of course, there was Ron with about a dozen of us guys.

The food was good but the prices were even better.  The only thing I didn’t like was the desert menu.  I wanted something I could bring home and share with my wife but the portions they had was too small.  Therefore, I gave up on it and decided to get Krispy Kreme Donuts tomorrow.  I usually get a desert the majority of times my wife and I go out to eat but this time I had to pass.

I see a lot of residents that need a little help.  Not serious help but just a little.  I am more able than most and much younger also so I try to do my part.  One day I may be in that position and I would like someone to help me if I needed it.  There was this lady that live down the hall from me and she needed help.  She drove herself to the market and was having problems unloading her car when she came back.  One of the maintenance men saw her, loaded her items in a basket and bought it up to her apartment.  She was too tired to move her car from the garage and when I left my apartment I saw her.  I went down the elevator to the garage, moved her car to a parking space and went back to her apartment to return the keys to her.

We all need help or, one day, will need help and it is upon all of us to render any and all assistance to whoever needs it.  I have seen residents ignore others, like opening a door and other small things but it all mean a lot to someone in need.  I cannot stress this enough.  Do what you can, when you can.  It’ll only take very little time and Blessings will come your way.

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