Pool anyone?

Sitting here working on my memoir for a content I want to enter when my phone rang.  Ron, from the Activities section, here at Imperial Plaza, was calling asking for help at the Superbowl Party.  It should be a lot of fun and there will be a lot of food and drinks.  It starts at 5:30 but I am to be there at 1:00 setting up.  I haven’t been to a good football party in a couple of years.  Come one, come all and have fun with us.

After we talked about the party, we discussed a new billiards (for the common person, that mean pool) competition.  I knew about the table in the building called Camilla but I didn’t know about the one in the building called Boxwood.  He suggested Boxwood and Dogwood play each other in Boxwood and Camilla and Azalea play each other in Camilla.  After a few games and a winner is determined for each, then the two winners will play for the championship.  Pending the Activities Department budget, maybe a trophy or certificate will be given.  Also pending the budget, food and drinks will be served.  This is something Ron is working on and wants my help, in which I am more than happy to give.

I haven’t played pool in thirty years or more and I wasn’t that good then.  This should be interesting, to say the least.  Ron said he hasn’t played in many years either but he will try.  There is a resident that is really good and he has been trying to get me to play with him since I first moved in.  I’ll wager money that he is the first winner but I’m going to practice and try to make him sweat for the title.

There is another thing going on that is probably happening at other senior facilities.  What I am talking about are gossip groups, for lack of a better, printable description.  I haven’t been with these people and I may be wrong for calling them a gossip group but it’s what I perceive.  These are people that, each evening, sit in each building’s lobby and talk.  It’s the same people every evening.

Then there are the people that troll for whomever they can find.  I have heard about them from more than one person.  There was one incident that happened to me.  I was walking to the garage of Dogwood when a woman with her walker approached me and started a conversation.  After a couple of minutes I attempted to graciously go on.  My wife drove into the garage and I tried to move the ten yards to give her a hand in unloading the car.  This woman grabbed my arm and kept talking.  I extricated myself and moved on.  My wife thankfully heard and saw what was happening and thought it was funny.  I have been a policeman for many years and have seen the results of a situation like that.  I’ll stay to myself.

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