Love It Here

It has been a good weekend and I have had fun each and every day.  For those that want something to do, there is plenty to do.  All you have to do is get up, go out and do it.  I was at the pool event at Boxwood Saturday morning and the turnout was fair.  A couple of people I expected to be there didn’t show.  Those of us that did come had a good time.  And, although I can’t shoot pool like I want to or like a couple of guys I have met, things went good because the rest of us can’t shoot worth a darn also.

There was a disagreement about the rules of the game and some other little things.  There was one woman complaining about the condition of the pool cues, especially the bridge (the metal portion came off).  I promised to get my screw driver and come back to fix it.  I forgot and, while writing this, just remembered.  I stay so busy lately that I am forgetting a few minor things.  It is not old age forgetfulness but it’s me staying busy.

Let me explain.  I entered one writing contest that is due on February fifteenth.  Now I am entered into another that is partly due on February thirty first.  Put that all together and it spells constant thinking, writing, rewriting and thinking again.  Then there are things to do in the apartment as well as what my wife have planned.  This does not count going out to Imperial Plaza events.  They say staying busy keeps a soul young and strong.  I say it keeps a body tired.

The weather forecast says there will be snow tomorrow into Wednesday.  I will finally see a good snowfall while here at Imperial Plaza and enjoy NOT shoveling snow, deicing walkways and parking spaces, and standing at the window watching the happenings.  I have dreamed of this and now it is finally here.  I just hope the employees are okay because they have a family and a life that is other than this place.

I can’t count the years that the weather did not exist in my life.  I had to travel to work regardless the weather.  I have worked in the extreme cold, heat, snow and whatever.  I fully understand and feel for all the employees.  I’ve been in their shoes and, at the time, enjoyed it.  It is so very hard to give that up and let others do it without me.

So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!  But, when it is all said and done, there is a place in my heart that feels for all the employees at Imperial Plaza.  They all do a fantastic job and are super friendly every time I run across one.  I am glad to be here while I can enjoy all the things Imperial Plaza have to offer.  Keep up the good work!


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