It’s wonderful and fun to be completely retired.  It is wonderful to just look out the window, relax and just look.  You don’t have to go anywhere unless you want to.  You don’t have to get up early unless you want to or your bladder calls for you to do it.  You don’t have to cook unless you want to.  You don’t have to go out to eat unless you want to.  You can either go to the café or restaurant or have it delivered.  Here at Imperial Plaza you don’t have to do anything at all except if you want to.  How great is that?  Tell me of another place that you can do this and it is forbidden to tip.

Remember I wanted to have a cup of coffee in my hand and look out at the falling snow and watch the cars being covered?  Well, it has finally happened and the feeling was as great as I expected it to be.  It may have been greater because I really enjoyed it.  My wife thinks I have lost it for good but I am completely sane since being here at Imperial Plaza.  It felt good not having to get up to shovel snow and salt walkways.  When it is too cold to walk the short distance between buildings you can walk the connectors and never get wet, cold or hot.  Kings should live like this (smile).  Don’t wake me, this is a dream I want to keep.

My wife and I went to the dinner dance this evening and, as usual, the place was packed.  This is the first dinner dance that I didn’t care for the food.  Everything was superb except the food.  At my table of four, I was the only person that almost finished the food.  I left some and I ate what I did because I was hungry.  It had a Japanese theme and décor but most of it was not my thing.  The wine, music and people were the only thing that kept me going.

My wife did not want me writing anything about it but I had to do it.  It’s not that next month will be the same because it will not.  I just want to vent.  Those of you that read this article please don’t fault The Activities Department.  Like in the military, they are only following the orders given to them.  I see Ron and Tracie have scheduled some good programs for next month, to coincide with Black History Month (February).  It should be great and I can’t wait to see what else is on the calendar.  Those two do a great job, over and beyond expectation, making the calendar.  They need more space and they need more help.  By that I mean help in distributing and in getting the calendar together.  So far, as I see it, No one needs the help more than the Activities Department.  Give them a long and loud round of APPLASE!

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