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Days Of Yore

I love this time of year, I hate this time of year. What do I love about this time of year, you ask? I love the festiveness, love of the birth of Christ, the giving, the hibernation of plant life that is awaiting rebirth in three or four months. This is the time that others are seen giving when, actually, it should be done all year ‘round. I love looking at the outdoor decorations, the extreme people have gone to outdo others and wonder how much is spent to do it. I love to watch the joy on the faces of small children as they see the toys, Santa and colorful lights. I love it all and remember my times at that age.

I hate this time of year because it reminds me of my age, of time gone by and of all the well-intentioned money spent on unnecessary things. Bah-humbug? No, just being my practical self. Although this blog comes out at Christmas, I am reminded that at the birth of Christ He did not have much. I hate all the scammers and robbers out there. I hate all the organizations with their hands out, getting plenty of cash so their company officers can get richer. This time of year is a love/hate thing for me.

I long for what is in my memory. A simple life, a simpler time. Smelling the wood fires. These were not just fireplaces, I never knew any family that had one, but wood and coal fires were used for heating and cooking. It was a necessity during my upbringing. I long for looking at the snow-covered houses with smoke curling out the chimney, looking like a picture transformed from a Christmas card. I long for walking into the house, smelling the fire and food slowly cooking on the stovetop. I remember those days, I long for those days and will forever cherish them.

Everyone went to church and it was always more festive during winter. The congregation not only worked together to make Christmas more festive, but they all focused on the upcoming New Year Watch Night and Easter. All festive events were planned many months in advance and everyone pitched in. Church was the starting point as well as the ending for everyone (your baptismal and your funeral).             The entire family went to church and, along with the other families, the entire church was family which made everyone a relative.

Today, young people may have heard about this, but they cannot completely grasp the idea of an era like this. Each succeeding era have a time like this with each era getting more modernized than the previous. Today, young people do not have the time to see the lights, go places that they may smell the chimney smoke, go to church or, if they go to church, work together for months for some far away event in the church. There are many young people that can not cook, have parents that do cook and have never seen a wood burning stove or food cooked on one.

The young people have their phones and tablets, but they cannot smell those by-gone things from long ago through them. They can Google the past but will never experience it. They will never stand in the snow or cold wind and hear nothing but the sound of that wind or see the lights twinkling. The lights were not made that way, but the natural atmosphere make them twinkle, everything is serene. I guess I am old, longing for things that will never be again, but I will never forget them and will forever cherish them.


Merry Christmas

It’s been a while, however, I’ve been busy and sort of lazy in the off times. But the Holidays will do that to you although that should not be an excuse. When I think of the season, I feel sort of guilty every time I look at the national and international weather. Here we are basking in the sun, warmth, mild winds and just plain unseasonable weather. Reminds me of when I was stationed at MacDill, AFB, in Florida. I remember sitting under a window air conditioner on Christmas Day. It was a nice day although on the hot side but very nice all the same.

As I walk around, here at Imperial Plaza, I often hear people complaining about how warm or cold it is. I hear people complaining about the rain or no rain at all. People just have to complain about everything that does not need complaining about. We could be in the Mid-West and have the feet of snow along with the cold. We could be on the west coast and be in the drought stricken areas.

There is a saying: “Be careful what you wish (ask) for, you just may get it.” There are areas, on the west coast that were wishing for rain, now there are floods. There were areas on the west coast that wished for snow in the mountains that will give them water down below. Now the complaint is the snow came too early and it’s too much. We have people here wishing for cold weather. Are they going to get it? Will it be too much or not enough or just right? Be careful what you wish for.

There is another complaint at the Plaza. There is one group of people, in Dogwood, that say the new lobby furniture is too high. There is another group that say it is too low. Then there are those that complain it is too dark colored. I say, be grateful and happy new materials are showing up all over the place. It cost us exactly zero and it is new. There is a saying for this also: “You can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all the people all the time.” I personally love the new furniture and carpet. The place look beautiful. At least to me it does.

There is another saying: “The difference between men and boys is the size of their toys (or the cost of their toys.)” I just bought my Christmas toys and I already have them out. I just love getting toys and acting like a kid, even if it is not Christmas Day. However, I don’t go overboard and have it carry me into bankruptcy. I like to pay as I go. Try it. This time next month will feel good knowing everyone else is knee deep in debt and I have no bills. Oh, what a feeling it is. Puts a permanent smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. There is another way to be without debt at Christmas. Start saving a nice amount, monthly, for next year. Start now and keep doing it.

I’ll shut down, for now, and do some other writings. I have three writings that I want to finish, at least by the end of next year, and some smaller writings that I hope to sell sooner. This really take a lot of time, especially concentration and rewrites, rewrites, rewrites. This article, that you are reading (I hope), can be done in one sitting with only a little editing. There is a gold mine of things to write about, here at Imperial Plaza, but being careful about what is written takes time and a lot of thought. Thinking before it is sent to the internet will save a lot of heartaches later. Plus having finger crossing luck.

Have a very Merry Christmas and the best Happy New Year ever!!!!


Two weeks have gone by and it is warming up again.  It’s been a challenge to get through the snow and cold because it has been a while since I have endured this type of cold.  In fact I was still in the air force, in North Dakota, and that was what made me retire.  I can take the cold when I am prepared for it, however, moving to Imperial Plaza I didn’t think I needed my cold gear since I wasn’t shoveling snow or staying outside working anymore.  I didn’t think about the walking to and fro from my car or being outside cleaning the two cars.  My wife says I should get some boots, long johns, etc.  I say no because I will only use it two or three times a year.  It’s a waste and storage problems are also involved.

Here at Imperial Plaza, we are in a wait and see mode.  I am of the mind to zip it and let the explosion of angry people happen.  Granted, I could be wrong but, as of yet, I don’t see it.  I see, hear and know the underlying anger that is all around.  There are situations that have gone underground and are still there but it will see the light of day, eventually.  In other words, the situations are not so blatant as before.  I am afraid that the ones that are to be hurt the most are the most favorite employees.  That is a shame.

Another thing that is fast approaching is my installation as a Deacon.  In two weeks I will become a Deacon at the new ministry and I hope there will be a large crowd present.  The church, at this time, has only a few people that attend and I will be the only Deacon.  With the growth of the church, I am assuming we will add more of everything.  But, at this time, everything is at a minimum.

I was driving to work, the other morning, at the height of the snow storm, because the dayshift person could not make it in to work, and noticed the road condition.  I thought of this many times before but this is the first time I am writing about it.  I had to drive in a part of Richmond and a part of Henrico and the road had been plowed in Richmond but was still hard to travel.  However, in Henrico the road was plowed also but it was almost clear.  What a difference.  I could always tell the difference when I worked for an armored car company.  Those trucks are pretty bumpy and I could tell the difference in the road surface between Henrico, Chesterfield and Richmond.  The roads were rated from best to worst in the order I gave.  People have been complaining about the roads in Richmond but, with the exception of the main roads, the roads seem to be getting worst.  All I can say is, if you are driving in Richmond, stay on the main streets and stay away from the narrow side streets.

Until the next time, take care and be good.  Like I used to say on my radio programs…Be kind to your neighbors because you’ll never know when you’ll need them….also, ensure your words are soft and sweet because you’ll never know when you’ll have to eat them.  SEE YA!!!!

Cold Is Coming

Time is really flying, autumn is here, the air is cool and, soon, the snow will be upon us. I am not a fan of cool or cold air. It is beyond my comprehension on how people can endure the coldest of cold weather. I shiver thinking about it and don’t ever want to have anything to do with it again. I can take off clothes to make me cooler but I seem to be unable to find enough clothing to warm my body.

I guess you are wondering why. Well, Ill try to tell you why or, at least, give you enough that you’ll hopefully understand. As I was growing up it was the era of wood and coal for cooking and heating. It was my job to get the wood and coal, make the fires and keep them going in good weather or bad, warm or cold. It was never easy, in the winter, nor could I ever get the house warm enough for me. I was glad to go to school because it was warm there but it was a long walk to get there.

When I went into the U.S. Air Force I was always stationed in cold weather, with the exception of Viet Nam, Thailand, Florida and northern California (it got cold but it wasn’t too bad). The worst cold weather place was Minot, AFB, North Dakota. That place was too cold for human existence and I never want to see that place again. I thought being stationed atop a mountain in West Germany was cold but North Dakota made me rethink that thought.

I have walked K-9 patrols, in the forest (woods) and in fields, when it got so snowy and cold that we took the dogs back to the kennels and us K-9 handlers were taken back to our positions and we patrolled without dogs. It seem that it was too snowy and cold for a dog but not for a man. I still can’t wrap my brain around that thinking.

When I retired from the military and became a city policeman, I had my fights with the cold. There were always accident pile ups when it was either pouring rain, extremely cold or both. To make matters worst, I was normally the person for multiple car accidents and, when you’re wet or cold or both, things seem to slowly drag along.

Hopefully you understand why I don’t like cold weather and it will soon to be here with everything it can produce. At least now, being here at Imperial Plaza, I can just stand it my window and look out at it. Good luck to all of you this coming winter and I hope you can keep dry and warm. Take care….

My Week

What a week this has been.  Last week Gypsy was postponed to this week because of snow and snow threatened to cancel it for this week.  I kept a close eye on the weather forecast and the timing for it all.  After talking to Ron, here at Imperial Plaza, he assured me he would postpone if the weather would strike before we get there or while we were there.  We were lucky, the snow hit while we were on our way back on Interstate 95, just a few miles north of Hanover.  When we got back to Imperial Plaza, the snow was coming down.  It looked beautiful.

Gypsy was a wonderful performance and the meal was simply great.  It has been a while since I last went to a dinner theater.  I have never been to Riverside Dinner Theater and it was great.  I will return as soon as I can but I have so much going on, here at Imperial Plaza, that I don’t know when that will be.  I’ll try to make it sooner than later, if possible.

I mentioned I was entering a book contest and I was to mail in the first part, well, I mailed it in.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me “Good Luck” in making it to become a finalist.  In the meantime, I must write the rest of the book because if I become a finalist I will have a very short turnaround time to get the rest of the book to them.  The first part was only 5,000 words and the rest must be at least 20,000 words or more therefore I will have to get a head start.  That can’t be done overnight and edit too.

Today is Valentine’s Day and my wife and I went to the Valentine’s Day luncheon in the Richmond Room.  There were quite a few people there and the place looked beautiful.  I was impressed.  The meal was great, as always and the music was good.  Two women, that played the harp, were there.  I remember going with Imperial Plaza, last December, to a performance where the Harp school performed with the entire classes of harps, including the smallest kids.  It was great and I would like to see them again.

There was a lady at our table talking about how the residents go to an event an hour or more ahead of time and when the door open they will go in, get a table and then reserve all the seats for the friends who will come later.  A lady, at our table, was doing that and the people never arrived.  Personally, I don’t think that is fair but I am at a lost on how this should be stopped.  Maybe someone, brighter than me, have an idea.

Well, I’m at the end and I hope you have enjoyed my rambling on (or is it venting) but until the next time, stay warm, stay safe and I’ll see ya.


It’s wonderful and fun to be completely retired.  It is wonderful to just look out the window, relax and just look.  You don’t have to go anywhere unless you want to.  You don’t have to get up early unless you want to or your bladder calls for you to do it.  You don’t have to cook unless you want to.  You don’t have to go out to eat unless you want to.  You can either go to the café or restaurant or have it delivered.  Here at Imperial Plaza you don’t have to do anything at all except if you want to.  How great is that?  Tell me of another place that you can do this and it is forbidden to tip.

Remember I wanted to have a cup of coffee in my hand and look out at the falling snow and watch the cars being covered?  Well, it has finally happened and the feeling was as great as I expected it to be.  It may have been greater because I really enjoyed it.  My wife thinks I have lost it for good but I am completely sane since being here at Imperial Plaza.  It felt good not having to get up to shovel snow and salt walkways.  When it is too cold to walk the short distance between buildings you can walk the connectors and never get wet, cold or hot.  Kings should live like this (smile).  Don’t wake me, this is a dream I want to keep.

My wife and I went to the dinner dance this evening and, as usual, the place was packed.  This is the first dinner dance that I didn’t care for the food.  Everything was superb except the food.  At my table of four, I was the only person that almost finished the food.  I left some and I ate what I did because I was hungry.  It had a Japanese theme and décor but most of it was not my thing.  The wine, music and people were the only thing that kept me going.

My wife did not want me writing anything about it but I had to do it.  It’s not that next month will be the same because it will not.  I just want to vent.  Those of you that read this article please don’t fault The Activities Department.  Like in the military, they are only following the orders given to them.  I see Ron and Tracie have scheduled some good programs for next month, to coincide with Black History Month (February).  It should be great and I can’t wait to see what else is on the calendar.  Those two do a great job, over and beyond expectation, making the calendar.  They need more space and they need more help.  By that I mean help in distributing and in getting the calendar together.  So far, as I see it, No one needs the help more than the Activities Department.  Give them a long and loud round of APPLASE!