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Days Of Yore

I love this time of year, I hate this time of year. What do I love about this time of year, you ask? I love the festiveness, love of the birth of Christ, the giving, the hibernation of plant life that is awaiting rebirth in three or four months. This is the time that others are seen giving when, actually, it should be done all year ‘round. I love looking at the outdoor decorations, the extreme people have gone to outdo others and wonder how much is spent to do it. I love to watch the joy on the faces of small children as they see the toys, Santa and colorful lights. I love it all and remember my times at that age.

I hate this time of year because it reminds me of my age, of time gone by and of all the well-intentioned money spent on unnecessary things. Bah-humbug? No, just being my practical self. Although this blog comes out at Christmas, I am reminded that at the birth of Christ He did not have much. I hate all the scammers and robbers out there. I hate all the organizations with their hands out, getting plenty of cash so their company officers can get richer. This time of year is a love/hate thing for me.

I long for what is in my memory. A simple life, a simpler time. Smelling the wood fires. These were not just fireplaces, I never knew any family that had one, but wood and coal fires were used for heating and cooking. It was a necessity during my upbringing. I long for looking at the snow-covered houses with smoke curling out the chimney, looking like a picture transformed from a Christmas card. I long for walking into the house, smelling the fire and food slowly cooking on the stovetop. I remember those days, I long for those days and will forever cherish them.

Everyone went to church and it was always more festive during winter. The congregation not only worked together to make Christmas more festive, but they all focused on the upcoming New Year Watch Night and Easter. All festive events were planned many months in advance and everyone pitched in. Church was the starting point as well as the ending for everyone (your baptismal and your funeral).             The entire family went to church and, along with the other families, the entire church was family which made everyone a relative.

Today, young people may have heard about this, but they cannot completely grasp the idea of an era like this. Each succeeding era have a time like this with each era getting more modernized than the previous. Today, young people do not have the time to see the lights, go places that they may smell the chimney smoke, go to church or, if they go to church, work together for months for some far away event in the church. There are many young people that can not cook, have parents that do cook and have never seen a wood burning stove or food cooked on one.

The young people have their phones and tablets, but they cannot smell those by-gone things from long ago through them. They can Google the past but will never experience it. They will never stand in the snow or cold wind and hear nothing but the sound of that wind or see the lights twinkling. The lights were not made that way, but the natural atmosphere make them twinkle, everything is serene. I guess I am old, longing for things that will never be again, but I will never forget them and will forever cherish them.


Moaning & Groaning

So far the new year have been good but it has just started and I am a pessimist. I have been taught in the military and law enforcement to expect the unexpected and to always be on guard for it. The unexpected have a way to jump up and bite you on the ass. It has happened to me many times and I am now forever watching and waiting. I’m not gloomy but constantly on my guard because life can be harsh and non-forgiving.

The same can be applied to living here at Imperial Plaza (Brookdale) where we get into a tranquil feeling, attuned to the status quo. The Christmas Holiday is a good example of that warm, good feeling. We all expected the same celebrations as we did times before and, maybe, a little extra added. The painted windows along the corridor, where the Activity Rooms are located, was expected. The decorations, placed by dedicated residents, on the table on each floor in front of the elevator, especially in The Dogwood Building, were beautiful. The Christmas trees and other decorations were the norm.

We recently acquired a new Executive Director and things changed dramatically and, to a lot of us, caused quite a bit of moaning and groaning. No more window painting or independent table decorations, etc. From what was expressed to me, the rest of Brookdale properties did not do this and we were to be in-tuned to what the other sites did. This also meant the executive director is seldom seen by the residents except for the Townhall Meetings in which most of the meeting is run by the Imperial Plaza staff. Then add in the change in the news letter that come out once a month. It is all about Brookdale all over the country.

As for my feeling about it, it’s pretty but I live at Imperial Plaza in Richmond and that is what I care about and want to read about. What happens in Florida or New Jersey, etc. does not interest me or do I care about. Different mind set, different living conditions and different surroundings. The way things are done elsewhere normally does not apply to me or Imperial Plaza.

As I’ve said before….there is always an inherent resistance to change. Is this a change for the better or am I self-centered and really don’t want any changes, good or bad? I ask another question….can I make the change as things change around me? I will see and time will tell. I like it here at Imperial Plaza. I like the people, the conveniences, the location and the quality of living. However, if things get really bad or the rent get outrageous, I can always go elsewhere. I gave up a perfectly good house to come here and I can always go to some other facility or get another house.

I wish all a Happy New Year and will get off my whinny horse and try to start the New Year right. See you next issue.