Moaning & Groaning

So far the new year have been good but it has just started and I am a pessimist. I have been taught in the military and law enforcement to expect the unexpected and to always be on guard for it. The unexpected have a way to jump up and bite you on the ass. It has happened to me many times and I am now forever watching and waiting. I’m not gloomy but constantly on my guard because life can be harsh and non-forgiving.

The same can be applied to living here at Imperial Plaza (Brookdale) where we get into a tranquil feeling, attuned to the status quo. The Christmas Holiday is a good example of that warm, good feeling. We all expected the same celebrations as we did times before and, maybe, a little extra added. The painted windows along the corridor, where the Activity Rooms are located, was expected. The decorations, placed by dedicated residents, on the table on each floor in front of the elevator, especially in The Dogwood Building, were beautiful. The Christmas trees and other decorations were the norm.

We recently acquired a new Executive Director and things changed dramatically and, to a lot of us, caused quite a bit of moaning and groaning. No more window painting or independent table decorations, etc. From what was expressed to me, the rest of Brookdale properties did not do this and we were to be in-tuned to what the other sites did. This also meant the executive director is seldom seen by the residents except for the Townhall Meetings in which most of the meeting is run by the Imperial Plaza staff. Then add in the change in the news letter that come out once a month. It is all about Brookdale all over the country.

As for my feeling about it, it’s pretty but I live at Imperial Plaza in Richmond and that is what I care about and want to read about. What happens in Florida or New Jersey, etc. does not interest me or do I care about. Different mind set, different living conditions and different surroundings. The way things are done elsewhere normally does not apply to me or Imperial Plaza.

As I’ve said before….there is always an inherent resistance to change. Is this a change for the better or am I self-centered and really don’t want any changes, good or bad? I ask another question….can I make the change as things change around me? I will see and time will tell. I like it here at Imperial Plaza. I like the people, the conveniences, the location and the quality of living. However, if things get really bad or the rent get outrageous, I can always go elsewhere. I gave up a perfectly good house to come here and I can always go to some other facility or get another house.

I wish all a Happy New Year and will get off my whinny horse and try to start the New Year right. See you next issue.

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