Tail Gating

Sorry that I have not written anything in the past week and a half.  I have been to New York for a funeral, the omnipresent “Honey Do” list and out with Imperial Plaza.  The Plaza always has something going on although most of the tenants do not attend.  Those of us that do attend have a great time and, as always, look forward to more.  According to Ron, there is more coming (I just have to look at my personal calendar and see all the things I have signed up for this month) especially when warmer, nicer weather get here.

New York City’s traffic was crazy.  I know what you are saying, it’s always crazy.  Well, last week was New York’s crazy traffic, The Super Bowl traffic and Chinese New Year traffic.  Parking was not to be had.  A person damn near had to call a tow truck to tow a vehicle out of the way in order for you to park.  Other than that, it was not bad at all.  In fact, I got out of New York a day ahead of a snow storm.  That was luck.  I’ve always said that if it was not for bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck.

There was a Super Bowl party (Tail Gating) in the auditorium and I was helping to set it up.  It was fun to actually do this but then I noticed how the people were acting (I kept my mouth shut).  The people started to arrive forty five minutes early, we had to close the door and I was the guard to keep them out.  We had six tables set up and when I sat at a table a lady told me she was saving the other seats for her friends.  I have been to a lot of functions and this is REALLY getting out of hand.  I then sat at another table and was told the same thing but I refused to move.

Now, that was not too bad.  Have you seen how a kid will act when they are really hungry and someone say “Let’s Eat”?  Well, that’s how these people acted.  The table where I sat was near the front of the line for the food table and when the announcement came to get the food, three ladies at my table jumped up and almost knocked over two other ladies that were rushing to the tables.

Later one small featured woman came back to the table with her food, which was overflowing the plate, and sat down to eat.  I was wondering where she was going to put that large amount of food.  Then I noticed people going to the table a second time before others had been once, including me.  All of this has been an eye opener and I also saw who I can and cannot be friends with.  In the meantime, comment and pass the address to others about this blog.  Until next time, SO LONG!

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