This and That

It’s been a long time since I went on a long bus trip with Imperial Plaza, the beginning of last fall, to be exact.  That was when we went to the mountains for lunch.  That was nice because the food was good, we stopped to buy apples fresh off the tree and we stopped at a store owned by the Amish.  This time we went to Jamestown Museum and had a guided tour through the Black Culture section for Black History Month.

After the tour we all milled around the souvenir shop in which a few went in and a few of us stayed by the front door.  The museum had let three women use a power scooter to get around the museum faster.  One of them decided to drive through the shop instead of walking.  While I was talking with one of the men, by the front door, the lady decided to go up an aisle to the rear of the shop, tried to make a sharp turn and knocked down a stand of glassware.  That was the same woman who slowly walks through Dogwood’s basement parking, down the middle of the vehicle travel lane into the outside parking lot and slowly down the middle of the parking lot to Boxwood.  Vehicles coming down the street or not.

We went to a restaurant in Yorktown, looking out onto the water.  It was nice, upper class and had really good food.  We all sat at one long table and had good banter among all of us.  Then the subject turned to fishing between Ron, two women and I.  I showed my phone pictures of coolers of fish caught off Cheatum Coast Guard Station’s quarter mile long pier.  I love fishing there, especially when I have my son-in-law with me.

Now I must be a semi-hermit.   By that I mean that most of my time will be spent in the apartment because I am at the end of my project and must finish.  I am entering a writing contest and the first part is due next week.  If I am selected as a finalist, forty thousand more words are due by the end of March.  Wish me luck!  I love writing and have a couple more contests to enter and a short time to do it.  However, there are a few more trips to go on.

As usual, most of the bad storms are missing us.  Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but, I don’t want us to be like the west coast and be bone dry.  All eyes are on these storms and, as long as we get lite storms, we should be okay until this summer.  Another thing real quick, I was happy to see the really cold temperatures because it will help control the bugs during our warm season.

Leave a comment or contact me and let me know what to write or something like that.  SEE YA!


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