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I just got back from Charles Town, West Virginia with an overnight stay at The Inns at Charles Town and plenty of game time at Hollywood Casino.  A trip sponsored by Imperial Plaza and what a time we all had. There wasn’t one frown on anyone’s face, that I noticed, and everyone spoke well about the trip.  I’m not going to say who won or lost or even if I won or lost.  Let’s keep that close to the vest and say we all had a really good time and would like to go again although my wife and I often go it alone.  We are planning to go back to Maryland Live Casino on a day trip.  During the Christmas Holidays we spent four days there and while we were there we went to The Inner Harbor and Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore.

That’s what I love about Imperial Plaza, there is always something to do and someplace we are driven to at minimal cost.  We were driven to Maryland Live the last time and casino trips are every other month, alternating between Maryland Live in Maryland and Hollywood Casino in West Virginia.  I love taking the Imperial Plaza bus for either a day trip or for an overnight.  This way, unlike having a commercial bus taking us, which has a set time schedule, our bus does not.  I love it without set in stone time constraints.  And, thinking of money, there is not an issue of the possibility of money lost due to cancellation because of weather or some other reason.  We are called and told it is because of this or that and told they will reschedule, if possible.  No problem, no hassle.

I have heard a complaint about the staying in West Virginia overnight and I choose to overlook it.  This is my reasoning about this person’s comment.  The person that commented does not go on day trips and have nerve enough to talk about the overnighters.  There are only around fifteen or so of us that go on most of the trips.  These trips are not only to the casinos but the wineries, museums, etc.  Most of the same people can be counted on to go on the trips.  There are a lot of people around here that sit around and say there is nothing to do, no place to go and nothing to do.  I hear them but don’t hear them.  I find these people are negative about almost everything.  I’ve even heard them complaining about the restaurant and that place is great.

As for the other matter, here at Imperial Plaza, so far it’s quiet and I’m thinking it’s the calm before the storm.  I have another article, about that, coming in a few days.  But, another item, the employees have things looking good around here, like always.  I applaud them for all the good work they continuously accomplish.  They are very friendly and great.  Keep up the good work!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year….hope this year is better than last year for you and yours and is sprinkled with lots of fun and love. I realize I have neglected my writing for a few months but a lot of interference have occurred that prevented (or should I say “made me lazy”) writing the blog. I promise to do better than I have been lately. I want you to hold me to it, put my feet to the fire. I need to get back to writing on my book but that is another story. Being too busy is no excuse and I don’t like it when I drop the ball like I did. This is a new year, a fresh start and the coals under my feet are hot.

Here at Brookdale’s Imperial Plaza there is a new person in charge of the facility and she is disliked by personnel and residents. When attending supervisory or management schools (I have attended a few) one of the first things that is taught is “there is always a resistance to change”. This woman have made a lot of changes and a lot of things that used to be are no longer. This has riled quite a few individuals including me. If she left today, myself and everyone else would be very, very happy, highly elated to say the least. It is so terrible of me to dislike a person I have only met twice in the three or four months she have been here. Oh well….nothing I can do about it.

I’ve been hitting the casinos lately. My wife and I just got back from a four day stay at Maryland Live between Christmas and New Year. While there we visited the new Casino in Baltimore (Horseshoe) and Inner Harbor (for some good food and after Christmas shopping). I’ve been asked by a few people if I won at the casinos and I have the standard answer. I’ve never expected to win (although I hoped and wished), I just went to make a donation and I wanted to spread out the donation to cover the entire trip plus have fun doing it.

Now that we are home my wife have decided to lose weight with my weight included. I am not over weight but my gut have grown a little. I guess I have no choice. I will have to work this in with learning to play the guitar, writing, going to my part-time job, and a few other chores I have to attend to along the way. Did I mention sleep? I’ll figure it out somehow.

Before I go “HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS”!!!!!! just had to put that in to antagonize the Dallas Cowboy haters out there. See ya soon and, as I used to say on the radio, BE KIND TO YOUR NEIGHBORS BECAUSE YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU’LL NEED THEM…..ALSO, INSURE YOURS WORDS ARE SOFT AND SWEET BECAUSE YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU WILL EAT THEM.

Fun At Imperial Plaza

I went to Imperial Plaza’s Oktoberfest and had a great time.  It bought back many fond memories of days of yore.  Not only was the music great but there were dancers (women in the traditional dresses and the men in leather hosen) and a wonderful female singer singing in German.  I remembered and understood most of the songs and was lulled into dreams of my ten years in Germany.

There was not only the music and dancing but plenty of beer, wine and food.  I believe I had more than my share but I didn’t run them dry.  The food was good but, although they tried hard, it was not cooked the way Germans cooked their food nor did it taste German.  Good try but no cigar.  I can cook somewhat like a German but not like a true German.  What I wouldn’t give for a real Wiener Schnitzel (those of you that were station in Germany with me know what I mean).

Yesterday Imperial Plaza spent most of the day touring the Richmond Federal Reserve and, again, it was great.  I’m not only talking about the money but they view from the twenty third floor dining room was fantastic.  As someone commented…..it’s like when you look down at a model train set with the tiny village, that’s what we see……we could see and pick out most of the points of interest in Richmond.  Those that did not take the trip missed another great endeavor that Imperial Plaza’s Activities Department presented.

In two weeks Imperial Plaza will be going on it’s every other month trip to a casino and, this time, we will be going to Maryland Live, not too far north of Washington D.C.  I understand that there is another casino, farther north that just opened and, as new casinos do, there are plenty of winners (just to pull players there through word of mouth).  I’m game and want to try it.  Since I’m going to Maryland Live this month and Imperial Plaza’s next casino trip will be either December or January, I think I’ll go next month and see if I can get a share of the loot.  Imperial Plaza’s next trip should be West Virginia to Charlstown Casino but the horses aren’t running then.

We have a new Executive Director here and, thank-you very much, she is a Dallas Cowboy just like me.  We talked about it and I think we’ll get along just fine.  Win or lose, I am a cowboy fan with the Dolphins as my second team.  Unlike many others, I am not a fanatic because, like I always say, I don’t get paid by them; I just enjoy watching them and hope.

Say hello via e-mail or comment on this blog.  I want to know you are there.  And, as I used to say at the end of my radio programs…Be kind to your neighbor for you’ll never know when you’ll need them.  Bye-bye

Warm Weather

I know I am late getting this out but, yesterday, I was at a Mother’s Day/Graduation Celebration at my daughter’s house in Chesterfield.  Her daughter just graduated Richard Bland College (a branch of William and Mary University).  Everyone was there and it was great.  To all the mothers that read this HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY and many more to come.  I hope that you are taking it easy today or, if you are reading this after Sunday, you took it easy and had a great day.  You all deserve it more than I can say.

I haven’t had much time to ride my bicycle because of commitments and the weather.  I know there are riders that ride in any weather, at any time, but I do not.  Mine is strictly a fair weather thing and for exercise.  It is better than a stationary bike and requires many more muscles.  On a two wheeler, a person must maintain balance, go up and down hill, dodge vehicles and obstacles and use almost every muscle in the body.  That is exercise over being on a gym bike.

The people playing the WII on Thursday and Sunday afternoons (ran by my wife, Alba) seem to be having a good time.  I have sat in the White Squirrel drinking draft beers and cheering them on.  A couple of people, which have been there from the beginning, have been absent the past couple of times but the majority is still there and wants to expand.  They are looking great and, believe it or not, it is mild exercise.

Imperial Plaza, as scheduled, went to Maryland Live casino and, as usual, it was great.  I enjoy these trips because I don’t have to drive and it is so relaxing.  This way I can eat, drink alcohol and play without the thought of driving.  The bus still had empty seats although it is usually full.  Maybe people are finding other things to do during the warm weather months.  I understand because I also have so much on my plate that I can’t attend everything I used to attend.  I will try to do better but, as I said a few times before, I will get my bicycling in when the weather allows.

I am asking you to pass this blog on to others as well as my Facebook page and my writings with Yahoo Voices.  Bye-bye!

The Bicycle Races Are Here

Now that the bad weather bought about the real spring it is now the actual time for bicycling in earnest.  I have been out and about parts of these fine locations (we are a few yards from Henrico) and I have traveled both by two wheels and have had lots of fun doing it although my rear end disagree.  The small seat, which comes with the purchase of the bicycle, really does a number on your rear end.  I understand why a lot of bicyclists rise up to ride.

I ordered and received a larger and softer seat for my Schwinn and it feels wonderful.  I don’t know why it doesn’t already come equipped this way.  I guess the company wants a person to spend more money for additional equipment.   I don’t mind as long as it’s something that is necessary.

I guess you have heard about the National Bicycle Championship being held here in Richmond this weekend.  I rode my regular route yesterday, which was Friday, and then headed downtown to check out the time trials.  It was a nice setup and I think the International Bicycle Races, next year, will be pleased with the route.  This year’s contest is on a portion of the track for next year.

There were not a lot of people watching and I am guessing it was because it was a workday Friday.  Today and tomorrow should be much different and have crowds everywhere.  Richmond has something for everyone and that is something most cities can’t say.  In fact there are three or four major events happening at the same time.  Each week there is something different in the area and at Imperial Plaza.

Next Wednesday Imperial Plaza will again go to Maryland Live casino and, of course, my wife and I hope to be there.  It should be a lot of fun and the weather should cooperate.  I expect to lose, as usual, but it is fun eating, trying to hit a jackpot as well as just getting away for a few hours.  That’s what it is all about.

I’ve had a couple people say they don’t know when a new blog is out.  Just look to the right and “follow” or “subscribe” and every time a new blog is posted, you will automatically know.  You may comment or contact me, which ever or both.  Oh, by the way…..FISHING TIME!

Here’s The News From Imperial Plaza

From the Imperial Plaza “Plaza Professional Pharmacy Newsletter” April is alcohol awareness month.  I did not know this.  After reading the newsletter I only found a couple things I did not know but, for the most part, it was pretty informative.  It is very true that elderly people should not drink or, at least, drink very, very little.  I drink very little because I need my faculties for driving, bicycling or writing.  I’m not trying to be a Puritan but, over the years, I’ve had MORE than my share of alcohol.  I still, every now and then, put one on but the hangovers are stronger now.

The play last Saturday night was really good.  Before I went, I was pretty apprehensive but, while watching, I was lost in the performance.  The actors were better than I thought they would be and I was surprised at the few stage props that were used.  I would go to see them again if all of the performances are like this one.  It was only an hour and cost only three dollars.  I heard a few people complaining about having to pay but, personally, I don’t think it was much at all.

Next month is casino month.  We are going to Maryland Live again and this is one of my favorite casinos.  I have been to many casinos but this one has everything a person would want.  Unlike a lot of casinos, this one have the mall next door and, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to shop all the stores and have time for the casino also.  That means half casino time and half mall time along with keeping a close watch on the clock so you won’t miss the bus.

Lastly, today was a great day to be riding bicycles in Bryan Park.  It was such a beautiful day but, having things to do, I only put in a little over four miles and I stopped four or five times to take some very beautiful pictures of the flowers (mostly all different colored Azaleas)and a few blooming trees.  The storm, yesterday, bought down a few trees.  They did not fall close to the road therefore they did not damage anything.  There also was evidence of the roads being flooded all over the park but no damage was seen.

Take care and I’ll see you again.