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I’m back so soon because yesterday I was shocked by the going on here at Imperial Plaza, aahhh, I should say Brookdale formally known as Imperial Plaza (as the sign out front say).  I’ll get into that later because I want to mention my surprise first.

I was on my way to my birthday party, thrown for January babies by Imperial Plaza, and saw all of the employees going to the auditorium.  Nosy me had to ask why.  There was an impromptu employee meeting called and it was mandatory for all employees to attend.  I saw the “queen” leading the pack into the auditorium.  Later, I went to the wine tasting and, after a while, here come the “queen”.  I have never seen her at any of our functions and, for that matter, be at Imperial Plaza after three o’clock.  Believe me, I was in shock and everyone was murmuring, especially when she walked by tables asking how they were doing.  By the way, she never approached my table and I cannot honestly say it was on purpose.

I don’t know what took place at the meeting but I am sure I will be told next week.  I am hoping she has not threatened anyone because good jobs are hard to come by and I don’t want to be the cause of someone losing it.  Maybe things are beginning to change.  I’ll know within the next two to three weeks.  I see a lot of good improvements and, as I have discovered, these things were implemented last year, before the “queen” got here.

Now to the Brookdale sign.  Last year, during a Townhall Meeting, it was announced that the name was changing from Imperial Plaza and that caused an uproar.  After a lot of debate it was decided that the name would remain Imperial Plaza but under the owner (Brookdale).  Brookdale own facilities all over the USA with Imperial Plaza being the largest.  There is even one other small facility on the west end of Henrico.

Some people would wonder why we were against the name change.  Welllll, there are several reasons with the main one being, seniors do not like change, no matter if it’s good or bad.  When musicians come here to perform, they play music from the twenties, thirties, forties and fifties.  Nothing modern, ever.    Then there is the fact that everyone knows Imperial Plaza.  I have tried to explain where I live by giving street names, etc. and no one could figure out what I was talking about.  As soon as I say Imperial Plaza, then everyone know exactly where I am.

All of this go back to communicate and, if you are not from the immediate area, negotiate and ask questions.  All of this is before implementation of a policy or change.  Why get residents riled up when you can have them on your side by simply listening and calmly communicating.  Communication is a two way street and should be used as such.

Lack of Communication

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In my last blog I said to get someone’s attention that is hard to get to, rattle their cage.  I did just that and I did not exactly hear from the person, I heard from a representative and made an appointment for lunch.  My calendar stay rather full and the lunch date was today, after a five day wait.  I made room on my schedule just for that.  The cancellation was made by, again, a representative.  Now this is twice I’ve been insulted or must the “queen” only speak through others?  I do not; I speak for myself and make my own appointments.  I am at home and “the queen” is in my home.

I had many things to talk about at the lunch and all week I was constantly thinking about it, rethinking it, listening to others (residents and staff) without them knowing I was listening.  All the things I heard were interesting as well as disturbing.  Because of some of the disturbing things, some of the staff is gone.  Some of that is due to nepotism.  I do not call her “queen” (I purposely did not capitalize the word) because of non-socialization but due to the nepotism also.

Yesterday I attended the Townhall Meeting and was surprised at the information that was given.  The Head Maintenance man (he is new) talked the longest and answered many questions.  This eliminated most of the things I wanted to talk to the “queen” about.  This told me one thing; there is a lack of communication.  Remember the old movie “Cool Hand Luke”?  When the warden was about to punish Steve McQueen, he stated “What we have here is a lack of communication.”

I found out that there are volunteer committees, here at Imperial Plaza, which deals with almost every operation of Imperial Plaza.  If everyone know about where to get information, complain or make a suggestion, a lot of things would not have gotten out of hand.  That does not solve the problem with the staff and we here at Imperial Plaza have some very good people that are ready to leave after many years of service.  I believe the solving of that goes back to nepotism, communication and socialization.  By socialization I mean to get out among the people and be one-on-one (without an entourage) and to not make people afraid of their jobs (as I have heard from too many people).

I will make another date to see the “queen” and I will again attempt to help others.  If anyone have any input, contact me.