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Yes I Can

I am a loner. A strong statement but one that is true. I’ve found that staying to myself and keeping my thoughts to myself have taken me further than I thought I would go. Playing one side against the other and simply listening to what is said around me have given me insight into those that pretend they are my friend but is giving hints of attempted manipulation. Some attempts are under the table, softly spoken, and some are outwardly loud. I see them and most of the time I go along with them to meet my own end, but sometimes, when I feel it is necessary, I reject them.

               I was born during segregation and schooled under segregation going to an all-Black school. I used secondhand books with barely a whisper of Blacks mentioned in them. I learned Black history the way most Black people did, orally, the way it has been passed down for generations. As I read the hand-me-down books, I soon learned that much was left out, much was bull, and much was manipulated to the benefit of the White people.

               CRT theorist still does not want the learning of Black history and probably does not want a Black History month in which we tell our children about the accomplishments of Black people nor who they were and are. We were always told that we were incapable of doing anything, but that is untrue. We, as it was said back in the day, were to ‘get back’, meaning ‘get to the back of the bus’. Rosa Parks and others stood against that because they had enough of the BS.

               When I went into the military, I went primarily to beat the draft (I did not want the army, I wanted my own choice). I still could not get into what I wanted but it was still better than what I would have been in the army. I had been on the radio all of my high school years, but the military did not accept Blacks into any part of the communication services, including radio or tv (AFRTN).

               As an air policeman (later as a security policeman and I am not sure what they call it now), I was used as an augment for K-9 but could not formally be a K-9 handler because I was Black (this was whispered to me). I made a promise to myself to do it anyway and four years later I made it (this went well with me being a loner. Just me and my dog doing our thing). I went through much shunning, racial harassment, and I had to fight my way to the top of the K-9 field (I had to do more and know more than the average airman). I even made it to being a First Sergeant in the security field. Low rank equal low pay but I had my pride knowing I and others can do it as Blacks especially when told you can’t do it or that field is closed to you (remember the Tuskegee Airmen?).

               So, we have had the Black History month. With CRT theorist getting a stronger following, how many more Black History months will we have? When or how will people learn the true Black History? When will Black people stop being denied something because of their color? I will always say ‘yes I can’ and I did.

Just Thinking

“History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives”, Abba Eban 1915-2002 (Israeli Diplomat and politician).  I add this, “Things change when a lucrative job is at stake.”  It is copiously true concerning what is happening here.  Most people learn important lessons by observing others.  They will see what they do and the consequences bestowed for that action.  Then there are those that see bad actions, bad consequences and never learn that lesson.  They are of a mind that say, they can get away with it.

These actions not only occur here but have occurred elsewhere in the past and will continue into the future.  Humans are creatures of habit and creatures of “trying to get the upper hand and trying to get away with it”.  These people also think others will roll over and take it.  They don’t believe they will run into resistance and they can go about life doing whatever.  However: “Habit is necessary; it is the habit of having habit, of turning a trail into a rut, that must be incessantly fought against if one is to remain alive.” (Edith Wharton, American author 1862-1937).

This is something I have been trying to get many others to see.  Seniors are inherently resistant to change and will fight tooth and nail against it.  This living in the past is passed on from one generation to another.  Since I’ve been living here at Imperial Plaza I generally attend the live music performance.  This is when musicians play for the residents.  A couple of times modern music was featured and the attendance was very low.  When dated music was featured, there was a large attendance.  I can give example after example of things like this but some people still don’t get it.

When I think of habit, another example really caused  uproar.  Every Holiday an employee’s child freehand draw and paint pictures on the mall corridor windows.  These pictures are very pretty and the child is very, very good (plus it’s free).  Many residents will sit in the chairs, along the corridor, and watch.  We all have looked forward to it.  Now it is forbidden and no one knows why.

Habit and expectation of the habit continuing is human nature.  It is a comfort zone that humans do not want to evacuate.  The five senses kick in and a person is sent back to happy times within their life.  It’ll bring memories of things long forgotten.  As you grow older, especially if a significant other is no longer around, these memories, in most cases, are all that is left.  I and others are hard core against change without a heart to heart discussion of why it is a good thing for me.  This goes back to another article….communication, not dictated to.  I will and have changed (ask my wife) but tell me why I must before the change is made.  It’s easier to swallow and, I’ll tell you no lie, others are just like me.

Lack of Communication

Before I begin I want to tell those that view this blog on Facebook and see that it is not finished, at the bottom of the article is the “read more” box.  Click there and it will take you to my blog page on WordPress and that is “ tega227.wordpress.com “.  If you want a notification of when my next blog is posted, be a “friend”, and, if you please, put in a comment.

In my last blog I said to get someone’s attention that is hard to get to, rattle their cage.  I did just that and I did not exactly hear from the person, I heard from a representative and made an appointment for lunch.  My calendar stay rather full and the lunch date was today, after a five day wait.  I made room on my schedule just for that.  The cancellation was made by, again, a representative.  Now this is twice I’ve been insulted or must the “queen” only speak through others?  I do not; I speak for myself and make my own appointments.  I am at home and “the queen” is in my home.

I had many things to talk about at the lunch and all week I was constantly thinking about it, rethinking it, listening to others (residents and staff) without them knowing I was listening.  All the things I heard were interesting as well as disturbing.  Because of some of the disturbing things, some of the staff is gone.  Some of that is due to nepotism.  I do not call her “queen” (I purposely did not capitalize the word) because of non-socialization but due to the nepotism also.

Yesterday I attended the Townhall Meeting and was surprised at the information that was given.  The Head Maintenance man (he is new) talked the longest and answered many questions.  This eliminated most of the things I wanted to talk to the “queen” about.  This told me one thing; there is a lack of communication.  Remember the old movie “Cool Hand Luke”?  When the warden was about to punish Steve McQueen, he stated “What we have here is a lack of communication.”

I found out that there are volunteer committees, here at Imperial Plaza, which deals with almost every operation of Imperial Plaza.  If everyone know about where to get information, complain or make a suggestion, a lot of things would not have gotten out of hand.  That does not solve the problem with the staff and we here at Imperial Plaza have some very good people that are ready to leave after many years of service.  I believe the solving of that goes back to nepotism, communication and socialization.  By socialization I mean to get out among the people and be one-on-one (without an entourage) and to not make people afraid of their jobs (as I have heard from too many people).

I will make another date to see the “queen” and I will again attempt to help others.  If anyone have any input, contact me.