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Then There Were Three

Wow, and I thought there was only one. I have taken a lot of pictures of the hawks and have even taken many pictures of the chick in the nest. For days I have taken pictures of the chick alone and being fed. Then, a few days ago, as I was taking a few more pictures of the chick in the nest, I noticed two other birds. At first I thought mama and papa had joined the chick until I zoomed-in. Then I saw three chicks. Can’t mistake the adult birds and the chicks because the chicks still have the ruffled down on them. Pretty, to say the least. On my Facebook page I have posted a few pictures for all to see. If you want to see the pictures I have posted this month and last month, go to the page and you’ll see many pictures of the adult birds and of the chick(s). Now there are three, getting large, chicks. I don’t see how two adult hawks and three medium sized chicks can fit in the nest. Oh well, Mother Nature can do things we thought was impossible.

I have mentioned before about the proposed smoking ban at Imperial Plaza; well, nothing have publicly come out but the rumors are everywhere. Some places where people normally smoke have changed to other places but, still, there isn’t anything official. I say that to say this; there is a group of people that get together and smoke outside the main entrance of their building. They can be found there all day and into the late evening. One day, since the purported change, they have moved to the bench where I take pictures of the hawks. I don’t mind because I went there when they left but I wasn’t happy about them being there since it’s their bench also. Why, you are asking? Well, there is a stand-up ashtray beside the bench but these people rather drop their cigarette butts onto the ground when they could use the ashtray . There are a few of us that use that bench and this have never happened before. I hope they get their act together before there is a complete ban.

Thinking about fake news (?false news?), I have been taking pictures of the birds and squirrels around Imperial Plaza for quite awhile. Couple that with many new faces moving into Imperial Plaza. The other day, as I was passing through the Dogwood lobby area, where a few residents usually sit talking to each other, a resident that have resided here for a few years called me over and asked about the hawks and squirrels. I was introduced to the three or four new residents that was sitting there. When the conversation came around to the white squirrel at the main gate and the one behind the Boxwood building, a new resident corrected me by saying there is only one. She told me the one by the main gate is solid white and the one behind Boxwood have an off colored back which make it not solid white. I didn’t say anything. I pulled out my phone, bought-up my photos and showed the resident the white squirrel playing behind Boxwood (it’ll let a human get with-in three or four yards of it). The resident saw that it was white but said the photo does not show the back because the back is not white. I still did not say anything. I then showed a profile picture of the squirrel and one of the rear end. The resident looked startled and sat back into the seat. All smiles and grins left the resident’s face. A new resident and already knowing everything, more than the people that have been here much longer. Beware of things that are told to you without any proof or what you assume is fact without proof.

I’m posting a little early because I’ll be gone for the weekend but I want to say to all, have a safe and happy summer. Wherever you are, keep your eyes and ears open to everything around you. The world is much different than when I grew-up (in my day a person did not have to be always watchful), so be on your toes. See ya!!! 

Retirement Is Wonderful

Retirement……..I was never this busy when I was working but, I guess, staying active will make me feel younger and spry (or so it is said).  I feel good and being here at Imperial Plaza is a way of making sure I stay good.  I finally received the tire pump for my bicycle and, weather permitting, I will start back to bicycling.  My two son-in-laws want to cycle with me when they can.  That should be fun.  I just can’t wait for the three of us to be bicycling in Bryan Park and around the grounds of Imperial Plaza.

The White Squirrel is open.  It is a small café, next to the restaurant, and it serves, for now, breakfast and lunch.  Their menu is great and the prices are even better.  What makes the place so good is the serving of beer and wine.  I have been there twice, one breakfast and one lunch, and I have complaints.  Maybe it will get better as time passes but I have my doubts.  The service is slow, you have to hunt for someone to get a bill and the tables are always short of sugars in the bowl.  I guess I’ll have to wait because I don’t want to say anything to the supervisors and get someone in trouble or even fired.

One good thing about being retired is you have all the time in the world to do whatever.  All this week I did just that, I did whatever and that amounted to nothing.  I just can’t explain what it felt like except that it felt good.  I believe I accomplished some good writing with all that relaxed time.  A couple of articles I’ve been working on are almost ready for submission.  After I finish this I will get back to work on them and try to have it ready by tomorrow night.

I have a writers club meeting in the morning.  It is usually the third Saturday but the third Saturday in April will run into Easter.  The writer’s club is a great group of people and those of you that write and don’t belong to a club should consider joining one.  There are several here in the Richmond area and each one is different yet the same.  In other words, they tend to accomplish the same thing by meeting at different times on different days with different people.

By the way, I was told the article I did two weeks ago did not print out.  Everything is there except for the body and I have tried to put the body in place without any luck.  If I have people that want that article reprinted, I will do so, just give me the word.  Until the next time……Take care, be good and keep reading.  It really helps if you would pass my address on to others and hit the like button.  This way I won’t think you want a dislike button.  Bye-bye!