Football and Exercising

I am into pro-football and my favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys.  Win or lose, I’m with them all the way.  Each team, in the NFL, is lacking something or there are injuries to key personnel or other things I just can’t say at the moment.  I’ve been for the Cowboys from the beginning, when they were first formed.  Believe it or not, I was a Baltimore Colt fan before that.  You can remember black and white television, outside stadiums, Johnny Unitas, Ray Berry, Snowshoe Moore, and, when it rained or snowed, plenty of gooey mud.  Those were some good Sunday afternoons.

I called some of my friends, those that are Washington Redskins fans and detest the Dallas Cowboys.  This is what I said when they answered the phone….”I have only one sentence to say and that is five and one against one and five”.  The Dallas Cowboys, so far, have won five games and lost one and the
Redskins have won one and lost five.  I shouldn’t say more but I have this one thing.  They beat last year’s Superbowl champions and I didn’t think they could do it.  That’s how much I know.

I am getting my exercise the hard way and it’s accidental.  There are two elevators in my building and one was broken, the other day.  To make matters worse, someone was moving in and had that elevator dedicated to the move.  I had to walk the stairs, seven floors, but I’ve walked it before.  It felt really good and I will continue as much as I can and, hopefully get back into some sort of shape.  I have exercise equipment in my apartment and there is a gym in the next building.  I used to use it all the time but, lately, I’ve gotten lethargic.

I don’t even want to ride my bicycle or do my walks.  I just want to watch my pro-football.  Every now and then I’ll watch some college football.  Taking a closer look and really thinking about it, a football fan and exercising does not go hand in hand.  A fan eats plenty of food, on the couch or tailgating, while sitting around watching a game.  Now that is exercise coupled with enjoyment.  At least the eyes and mind gets a great deal of exercise and that includes the voice.

Some people will call me lazy however, as I look at those around me, there is only one other person, man, that is exercising and riding his bicycle.  He is a retired military man also and I guess it is drilled into our heads to stay in shape no matter how old you are or your condition.  There are only three of us military retirees here at Imperial Plaza and all three of us are in better shape than a lot of people much younger than we are here at Imperial Plaza.

Anyway, I will be getting more exercise, trying to get into better shape.  Take care and see you around.

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