Baby, It’s cold outside

Look like My wife and I came to Imperial Plaza at the right time.  Man is it cold outside.  This morning, I decided to walk to the gym instead of walking through the connectors for the buildings.  The cold air felt good until “The Hawk” (super cold breeze) hit me straight in the kisser.  I’ll never do that again.  That you can bet your bottom dollar on.  It is great to just look out the window and wonder what the temperature is, without looking at the thermometer.

When I had my house I would be worried about the water pipes, slick walkways and all sorts of other things.  Even if I didn’t have that, I had to take care of my dogs.  I had to get up dog droppings, making sure they had fresh water without ice in the bucket.  They spent most of their time in the house but I had to make sure they went out to relieve themselves.

This cold is no joke and it remind me of North Dakota, my last duty station which made me make up my mind to retire from the air force.  Of course there isn’t any snow and it is about forty degrees, or more, warmer but it is still quite cold.  Before retiring from the air force, I was experiencing temperatures ranging around minus fifty and lower before adding in the wind.  No, Virginia is not that cold but this isn’t “Global Warming” either.

I want to laugh every time I hear one of the residents mention how cold it is, etc.  I was talking to a resident when the person made that comment.  I had to tell them about minus sixty, before adding the wind, making the temperature minus eighty or lower and snow drifts ten to fifteen feet high, because of the wind.  The resident mentioned feeling bad for the people in the north eastern states and couldn’t understand why I did not feel bad for them.  I cannot feel bad for them because they choose to live there.  No one is making them live there when there are areas not as bad.  I feel sorry for all the people who work here and have to come out in the cold to care for us.  I appreciate and thank them.

As far as I am concerned, let it snow.  I don’t have to worry about it anymore.  I can stand in my window and look at it all day long.  If I still had my house, I would be hoping for it not to snow because I would then have a date with my snow shovel and ice melt.  However, this area of Virginia seldom gets very heavy snow although I believe we are overdue.  Not to worry about it anymore.  I now reside at Imperial Plaza and all my worries are taken care of.   Again, thanks to all of you.  My wife and I, for two, really appreciate you all.

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