Not There Yet

Now that I have seen the apartments, I have decided to take a newer apartment in the newest building.  Why I choose that is because of the heat and air.  For heat and air, the other buildings run from one unit for the three buildings.  Therefore, on a particular date, it is changed over to heat or air regardless the temperature.   The building I choose has its own temperature control unit for heat and air with the separate apartments controlling the temperature for the apartment.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that.  One day it’s cold and the next it’s hot and there is nothing better than being able to dial up the temperature you want.

I was looking at the long range weather report and it’s saying that some unusual weather is heading this way.  The heat is already on and I think that we will have a cool spell and then it’ll turn hot.  I will need to control my own heat and air.  I like it warm but not too hot.   My wife likes to keep things cool, especially while sleeping, while I grab a blanket.

We were shown an apartment, on the seventh floor, that is available.  It’s a corner apartment and is very large.  I was told the corner apartments were larger than the others.  I’ll take it.  I surprised everyone by making my choice so quickly.  Now let’s do this and do it fast.  I want to settle in before it gets cold and I want to have at the gym.

My wife has been on my case, for a long while, to join a gym but I have always refused.  I was getting enough exercise by doing yard work and a lot of other things.  My wife has belonged to many gyms but, after a while, she always dropped out because of one excuse or another.  I plan on a lot of use and, unlike my wife’s gym membership, it’s free.  It has everything except free weights.

A lot of trees died for the amount of paperwork placed before me.  I signed as much paper as I did when I bought my house.  I was told, years ago, that computers would make mountains of paperwork unnecessary.  I guess that was wrong.   I also have a lot of policy paperwork to read.

We will move in before the holidays, in fact, the middle of November.  That’ll give me time to get rid of the house and, with my car, move little by little.  I think it will work out fine.  This way the moving company will only have to move the large items and I’ll already have the smaller items there.  That will also be the middle of leaf raking season and, this season; I don’t have to worry about it.

I would appreciate it if this blog is passed on to get the readership higher.  Pass it on to your friends and have them pass it on!

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