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I’m back again to talk about retirement here at Imperial Plaza.  When you get to be my age, people in the age group start dying and that is why my blog is late.  I was in North Carolina at a funeral and decided to look around while I was down there.   First, let me say, I am glad to be a Virginian and to be in Virginia.  It’s funny how you never appreciate a place until you are not there.  To compare North Carolina to Virginia, Virginia wins.  I guess the people of North Carolina will say the same thing but we all look through “rose colored glasses”.

I’ve been to many, many places around the world and I have found something in each place that would make me want to stay a while.  I really can’t say the same thing for North Carolina except for the larger cities.  Anything outside of that and I can’t see it.  The only thing I can say good about the state is the condition of the paved roads.  I also see there is a lot of work being done to build new roadways.  The roadways are smooth, fast and non-congested.

The thing that bothered me the most (or am I spoiled) is other than a large city there are no lights or sidewalks.  Here in the Richmond area someone would end up being “road kill”.  People here are crazy compared to down south so maybe they’re not that bad.

Being retired gives you all the time you would need to go to things like that and stay awhile instead of rushing back.  Take your time and scout around and go to other places.  Being retired means you don’t have a clock to punch and no one to answer to (my wife may have something to say about that).  I love to scout around and see the country, any country.

We left Sanford, North Carolina and went to Fayetteville, North Carolina and Pope AAF/Ft. Bragg.  It was great seeing another military installation that I rarely have a chance to see.  There are changes that, in my day would never have flown, really surprised me.  They did not have a Class VI (liquor store) or a NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) Club.  My wife and I ended up at a Ruby Tuesday, in town, because they only had fast food places on base.  This would never happen in my day.

Instead of reversing and taking I-85 back to Richmond I took scenic I-95 and it was a delightful ride.  Traffic was running smoothly and the average speed was around 80 to 90 miles an hour.  There are always fools and I-95 had its share.  There was one driving in the dark without lights.  Then there were those passing me when I was speeding along at 90 in a 70 (what can I say.  I speed on the interstates).  Other than that, there was no trouble anywhere along the way.      Until the end of the week..TAKE CARE!


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