I am presently retired after working in many areas and retired from two.  Starting from the beginning, I was in the U.S. Air Force for twenty years with a career in K-9, security, law enforcement and the management of it all. While in the military, I was a guest radio DJ and I DJ’ed at the discotheques in Europe.  After retiring from the air force I entered police work.  I later went to a government supply center and retired from that while moonlighting as a security guard.  I also had a side job as a radio DJ and party DJ.  After retiring from the supply center I continued work as a radio DJ and worked security on the side.  Getting tired, I then only worked security and with an armored truck company.  Now I have decided to just talk on my shortwave radio and write while enjoying my retirement.

I have a couple of short stories in “Security Police: Vietnam & Thailand War Stories” (compiled by Jackie R. Kays).  There are a few short stories with “The Vietnam K-9 Association” and a few articles that were ghost written by me.  I belong to The Virginia Writers Club and The Richmond Writers Chapter.

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